Whitewater rafting

The posted pic’s were taken this morning. We went up to the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham to do a bit of whitewater rafting

What a blast. anyone fancy having a go??? great fun

Could this be a future rideout

Can you hire the kit ? Sounds a good laugh, I’d be up for a trip.

Yes! you just turn up (pre-booked) they even lend you a wetsuit FOC there are nice hot showers and some good grub

whats the cost

whats the cost

Probably the cost of two bus lane fines…


It cost £44, was on the rapids for nearly 2 hours, can tell you, that is plenty I came off totally sh*gged.

depending on who is in the raft, ie if all are up for some serious playing about, they will make the raft overturn, flip you out the raft. There was 5 of us and we were up for it so had a real blast.

busa mate you arrange this and I will be there depending on dates

Ok! the ideal number to have in a raft is 6, they do take 8 but you cant have as much fun. and they do have more than one raft

so lets see how many are up for it.

Was that through the High street in Sheffield.