White van man, EAT MY JUSTICE

Old Kent Road, Between ELephant and Castle and the Bricklayers Arms Flyover leading to the Old Kent Road yesterday (13/6/2012) 15:45

You know you tried to run me over, then screamed at me about how cyclists shoudn’t be on the road, then swerved at me whilst laguhing with your mate causing me to slam on my brakes and nearly go over the handlebars to avoid being crushed against a metal railing, all whilst you were on the phone?


Well the police motorcycle who busted you resulting in 3 points on your licence and a £60.00 were a gift from me you frickin inbred kiddy fidllin scum bag! The police officer you raced past was very interested in what had happened, when I stopped next to him and asked if I wanted to press charges, so I told him all about your phone… that’s why he rode ridght up to your window, looked inside and saw your mentally challengend little piggy fat paedo hands grasping a phone and dribbling into it like some window licking little head case…

My name’s Toby, if you want to get some payback FcukNUTS come and find me… !!!

:hehe: :smiley:


Big win!
Moments like this is when you need a helmet camera!
Video goes viral and you could be rich!.. well not rich but you could of made money from it.

Nice, although you should probably have reported him for the kiddy fiddling as well.

Poetic justice :smiley:


I hope you have evidence of the kiddy fiddlin otherwise this is libel and you cant hide behind internet anonymity any more as we were recently informed…

This brave, courageous, heartwarming and inspirational tale of good versus evil on the mean streets of London, has restored my faith in karma, justice and wrong 'uns getting their comeuppance following a high speed road chase by the local constabulory :):slight_smile:

This is another one I need the screen rights for, if Spielberg has not got there first:D:D

Glad the bloke got his just deserts and you are okay!

Toby, you are gorgeous :cool:

Good man. Keep the fight for justice up!

Justice . . .

Who say’s there is never a copper about when you need one :wink:

If it was who I think your indicating, good man! Legend.

actually, genuinely not indicating anyone… just some nob who was spoiling for trouble and thought he was funny… whose laughing now tho eh!

Nice work, i like the description of him!

Nice one

Result! :wink:

nice one mate and glad you was ok and werent hurt by his stupidity on the road bellmarsh.