white van man bike thieves

wapping area last night, tried to get a ducati 999 and a blade.

van crashed and abandoned, thieves got away.

bolt cutters and a big 'orrible electric saw found!!!


OMG I heard bike alarms last night going off (and some siren fuss). F*ckman have these people not got anything better to do?? Thanx for the info…putting an extra lock on now on everything!

If you really wanna keep your baby invest in a product from these guys http://www.almax-security-chains.co.uk/ the the dogs BEEP!!!

And if your garage is not attached to your home and you wanna hear if anyone is in or trying to get into your garage get a decent baby monitor or alarm.

Da Artist

I heard a story from a fella who had to watch while they took his bike, he couldn’t get down to them and they worked so fast cutting through the poxy chain he had.

I’d say it has to be worth the money investing in the best chain available, some go through like putty.

I’m also worried about advertising. Bike trader for instance nicely displays your full postcode on a bike listing, letting every pro bike thief know the location of your bike.

Whereabouts as I am in Wapping too? I had a Honda CG nicked from the gated garage in my block the day I passed my test earlier this year. Ended up the other side of Whitechapel Road few days later. NU paid up even before I’d sent them my docs, but I would be really browned off if I lost my hornet.

What happened to the van, any idea?

I hope these people get whats comming to them! gggrrrr

We all really need to stick together on this guys, if you see anything a bit dodgy, dial 999. Better to be safe than sorry! I am sure that the owner would rather have the police turn up and quiz them for a second than you to walk/ride past and their bike be gone!

Slightly retouched song of the advert:
Just call out my name and you know wherever I am, I’ll come swinging, my bat in my hand!

I hate tea leaves!

I hope that ducati wasn’t parked on the street.

“An unlocked foot locker?! If it wasn’t for d!ckheads like you, there’d be no thievery in the world.”

And what does happen if the police catch them?

Just thank it wasn’t yours. As if they want your bike, they’ll get it. The hijacked bike on here is a pure example.