(white?) men cant jump

& hes not wearing the correct protection :smiley:



Not a real Darwin award, but certainly a good way to stop idiots like that breeding… :smiley:

That really never ever was going to work…

his timing was way off,good thing the zx7r has a rounded nose :slight_smile:

I was expecting to see summit from men in tights lol

epic fail loll


By the sound of impact-Im judging his won the balls of steel contest!

He’ll never make it as a gymnast.

No it wasnt. You cant jump with your legs straight!:hehe:

ouch, that looks painful.

No more kids for that poor fool!

HAHAHAHAHA what a numb nutz

lol what a nobber!

I wonder how many times it worked before someone video’ed it :smiley:

New balls please