white leathers....


got myself a furygan blade jacket in white…

… with the hope that folk in cars will actually see me …

problem is keeping the thing sparkly white enough for people to actually see.

I’ve used Nikwax cleaner - and it does an ok job… anyone know of anything that can really get it illuminous white…???

someone has already suggested that I but shoe whitener and use that…(??)

BTW: not sure that the idea behind this has actually worked…

…first ride out on the new gixer - with the white jacket on : two people pulled out on me in the first 30 mins of the ride… :crazy:


Get some black one’s instead :stuck_out_tongue:

white paint? :stuck_out_tongue:

oooo pics plz of sed white leathers

Vanson makes a leather Jacket with “Solar” white leather that collects sun light during the day and glows faintly green at night. Got to be better than flat black, but it appears that it is rather cheap looking leather, not at all the quality image you expect from Vanson.

They warn you, it seems, on every page of their website.

I use leather cleaner by Lexol, on all my leather. Boots, Jackets, Belts, but it just cleans and moisturizes the leather. Not sure it would resurrect light leathers. Not sure it’s available across the pond. Note that this is LEXOL CLEANER not Lexol leather treatment. (Yes I use Lexol leather treatment, too).

I’ve got black and white leather gloves and the white never stays clean, even on the back of the gloves. I also have a textile waterproof jacket I wear over my leathers with white panels in and that also always looks dirty, but at least even dirty it does make me more visible.

I guess white will never look clean when it’s outside.

If you try not to wear them they will not get dirty :smiley:

Autoglymn leather restorer, I use this on everything brings it out a treat!!! Great on furniture too… :smiley:

piccie of jacket : (from the old gorgeous bikes website)


leather cleaner or baby wipes