White 16gb Samsung Galaxy S3

I’ve just got the LTE version to see how good DC-HSDPA is, so will sell on my white version :slight_smile:

Still with box and all accessories. It does have a mark on the back, I still don’t know how it got there… :frowning:

But I’ll throw in a case for it -

It’s not rooted and is running the latest possible official Samsung software.

Looking for £300 initially, but may be open to very near offer :slight_smile:

is the LTE worth it?

Sorry, never saw this post. Damn forum not telling me and all…

Yes, on Three a phone with DC-HSDPA pretty much doubles up your speed. Times when I would often be waiting for a HD YouTube video to buffer ever 20 seconds or so now play right through.

EDIT Phone is sold btw…