Whilst the cat's away...

Curry or chinese?

Can’t be arsed to cook. Have felt crap all day and he’s not here to cook for me. :angry::stuck_out_tongue:

Plus he won’t read this as doesn’t have internet access until the weekend! :smiley:

easy peesy, chineesey.

Squid in salt and chilly and fried rice with some dumplings.

chinese :slight_smile:


Curry is 2 minutes away. Chinese is 10 minutes. Can’t ask them to deliver as it’s only a small order.

Curry it is. Mmmmm… peshwari naan.

Would be cake but I can’t be arsed to bake. Which for me is saying something!

I’m with CM on this one :smiley:

all i have is left over chicken that i have to strip from the carcass!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy the indian