while the weather is.......

seeing as the weather is poo poo started fitting my xmas present from ms mad-dog:D

started by putting the heater on in the shed:hehe: then remved panels, sub frame, rear shock & air box.

offered up both pipes to see if both fitted ok.

pipes has dents in places to get around sub frame, rear shock & headers but have had to shape slightly to fit a bit better

temp fixed sub frame & rear fender to see how all lined up for length and hight.

now fitted bottom half of air box. but is a tricky job because want to keep the as much of the air box in tact so not get dirt into air box but still needed to cut more to pass pipe through box. once closer to finishing work i will cut & shape some 4mm sheet rubber i have to block any opening to air box

now the pipes pass both sides of the bike it causes a problem, need to replace foam filter to k&n cone filter & maybe fit a smaller battery if it clashes with filter. will look something like this

there is still lots to do but as weather is poo i’m in no hurry:) next thing i need to do is find someone that can ally weld me a bracket on the left side of sub frame to hold pipe in place. any one know somewhere local in london??

Looking good.

Will it be done by summer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice pipes :wink:

Check that Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, read good things about them; http://turntechbattery.com/TurnTech%20Battery/Welcome.html


should be done next week sometime:) just need to sort filter then get it dyno’d also waiting for a 2part clutch cover to be machined up for me:cool:

Your wife must really love you! :smiley: Looking so awesome :slight_smile:

twin pipe massive:D looks good D;)

just when i was starting to enjoy the quiet dep7 pipe too:hehe: might stick 2 db dawg’s in if its ott

this is the filter have been told is best for the rfs

Ask on ktmforum for filter, someone may have ready set with pipes and clamps.

already pm hugo and told that is what the racers use:D link pipe is only a few £

Are your new wheels sorted? Get some wet tyres on them.
Get it ready for weekend.
Can’t wait to do go for a ride :stuck_out_tongue:

will not be ready this weekend mate.probably next weekend

not try’d to fit wheels yet cos want to finish exhaust 1st

Cool beans MD!:w00t:

cheers sneaky:cool: still in the shadows of the rot but its all mine:)

made up a left bracket for exhaust yesterday. just need to find someone to weld it on




Nice one mad dog…Looking good so far.

I have platinum solder, is that any good?:smiley:

or leave it in a lake to rust on like you do with the rot:)

Am I the only one to see a pattern emerging here?


bit more progress

i try’d to keep as much of the air box as possible but did need to cut a bit extra on so can remove left pipe for filter changes & will cut some rubber to block opening.

got a nice bling bling used carb adaptor from hugoagogo

saved the rubber back of air box and cut around pipe

got panels back on now but still have a few things to do & will keep you up-dated

do the pipes look level to you? they measure up correct

also starting to fit duke2 wheels while waiting for some parts but need to sort caliper/disk alignment out

Wasn’t standard for long :smiley:
Looks good.
What next? custom graphics?