Which video camera

Hi all.

Does anybody have any advice or recommendations video cameras? I have done a bit of research but not sure to do for DVD or HDD. Any advice on format?

Not looking to spend a huge amount - £300 ish and it won’t be used for anything fancy, just home vids of family etc.


For that money, you get what you get, their isn’t really much below that wedge and the cameras at that price are all pretty much the same. THe only recommendation is that you try before you buy

  1. Look for ease of use, are all the controls in easy to use places. Or in the worst place possible where your fingers will hit them by accident at the wrong moments? This also applies to button quality…fiddle with everything, push the buttons, assess the build quality… if its a bargain but its gonna snap in 3 months, then it wasn’t a bargain after all…

  2. Be sure to get as much OPTICAL zoom as possible and DON’T get overly excited by DIGITAL Zoom. OPtical is real zoom, digital is just taking the saem info and boosting it, basically it jsut makes the same pixels bigger, which is where you get badly pixellated shots from…

  3. Compatibility…if you ain’t got much to spend, make sure you have the means to play out the format you’ve bought… Ie, a computer with a graphics card that can process the infomration if its for the net, or a digitally compatible telly or whatever, just make sure you know your formats when you go to look around so you’re not left having to buy a big pile of extra equipment just so you can play back what you’ve just shot.

Good luck