Which Supermoto - KTM 950SM or 690SMC or have I got it all wrong???

So after almost a year off the bike following my accident, I’ve decided that I want to get back on so starting to look at options. My last bike CBR600 F Sport was primarily for weekday commuting (20 miles each way),occasional BCR and longer ride outs, and was a good do it all option. I’ll probably do far less commuting, and use the bike for weekend rides and maybe some touring eventually. I’ve got a project trackbike in the garage so this will be my fix for speed this year, and have been thinking about a supermoto as the route I want to try for the road.

I’ve read Motopups thread and been on the KTM forum reading numerous threads as well and think that my short list based on my budget will be a KTM 950SM or 690SMC. This is based on the need for some comfort, relatively lower maintenance and some practicality. I know that they are quite different, and need to get on them to find out which suits me best but any advice or thoughts on these two? 950 I accept is not a typical BCR bike, but I’m thinking about longer rides or would the 690 be a better compromise? Have looked at 640/625 as well but have discounted them in favour of the 690, should I?

Opening this up to the wisdom of the forum!!!

Are you looking to buy new or second hand?

I have no wisdom to offer whatsoever other than I love my 625 :smiley:

I love it’s looks with the twin pipes and I found it a bit more gnarly than the 690. Though I think the 690 is a better machine, the 625 felt a bit rawer (so not really the most comfortable bike). This is all based on my 1.5hr test ride of the 2011 690 so not really a lot of time to make any in depth findings. Also I am a relatively speaking slow rider so probably want to wait for other to come up and say a few words…

The 640 I ignored after speaking with a few people because of shorter service intervals on the old models (mine has every 3000 miles). I think the 2012 690smcs say 6000 miles :w00t:… not sure I would risk it though

Definitely not new (I’m tight!) looking at around £3.5k to spend, so 2005-2008 would be around the models I’m looking at. Agree on oil changes/valves, also a bit lazy on that from as well!!:smiley:

Serrisan is spot on when it come to comfort , it blurs your vision and made my nose itch a certain revs and speeds . I now have the Superduke 990 which is pretty much a big 625 with more top end . When it all works its a great bike and delivers as expected but it has not always all worked as it should … and thats the downside . Its mostly italian style niggles but they can be a pain .

A friend of mine has a 690SM and he loves it so much he is going to race it. It now makes 70bhp and goes like **** !

Having seen Johnmoto BCR his 950sm, you have no issues.:cool: It did meet its demise on the ride though!:blink: It’d prolly be a lot better touring too…

I haven’t ridden the 950, but have ridden the 990SM, and it’s a great bike. The 950 is supposed to be a bit better actually as it’s the last carb model, although I suspect opinions will vary on that.
I think if you’re planning longer rides, the bigger one would be more comfy, it’s a “can do all” bike, but it didn’t put as much a grin on my face as the superduke.
The 690 I suspect is more agile, but may not be as comfy on longer rides/touring. I’m not sure if you’ll get a decent one for the money you’re wanting to spend!

And btw. People will tell you neither are supermotos! :smiley:

That’s the difference, 950 is not a supermoto, good fun naked bike. KTM 690 SMC is fun bike but not for touring, perfect toll for BCR :wink:
… and it is supermoto as there is 690 enduro version which you can convert to SM :smiley:

Thanks driesie, knew there would be some “that’s not a supermoto” comments :smiley: Actually did think about a SDuke as well, so interesting you think that it’s got more of a grin factor. - guess I need to get my arse on them all and see what makes me smile!! Well prepared for the slightly less reliable than a Honda part though, he says now.

Marius think that I do need a compromise as not going to be just BCR type riding for me, so the twin was the reason I’d looked at the 950 and not just tracked down a 525/625/640 etc…but then price wise they seems to be pretty good value!!

Funny how no one mentioned a XR600/650…:Whistling: forgot “there can only be one”!!!

Guess I need to get my arse on them all and see what makes me smile!! Anyone recommend where I should go dealer wise??

Dealers all gone on my side of town :angry: . Sell bloody Dawooo cars or summat now !!! .

Bloody typical that is:w00t:

Hey, I had heard that he was getting it sideways cornering at 90-100mph!

No one is gonna suggest an XR6 if you haven’t mastered a puny 990SM?:stuck_out_tongue:


Personaly i wouldnt got for the 690 if you want it for touring. I wouldnt have the 950 either. Superduke all the way :smiley:

Im an out and out supermoto rider but even im getting a superduke after having a play on one i decided thats the tool for me for the bigger rides and touring.

OR if you do want a supermoto get a 560SMR like me :wink:

Thats because they’re not :stuck_out_tongue:

Still not a proper supermoto :stuck_out_tongue:

Get a superduke mate, if you want one, I might sell mine: Its the best, most aggressive one, an 06 model in Titanium. You gotta try one.

I think you will find orange is the fastest colour :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine’s quick enough for a novice like me, and before you ask why I missed the apex, I was just lining up to pass some noob kiddy on a Jap 4 who thought they were an ‘Intermediate’. Did it every lap :stuck_out_tongue:

Because its orange you can see how fast it is even when it’s stationary :smiley:

ooooo proper tango :w00t:

It used to be even more tango ,but I changed the tank due to the leaky breather issue …And then the black one leaked too … so it now has Numnum tank bodge mark 2 and no longer leaks :slight_smile:

Proper supermotos are raced on SM tracks… not many 560SMR’s there :Whistling:

Still 560SMR is my dream bike, there is one for sale now… anyone is looking for 690 smc? :w00t: