Which shop has the biggest range of helmets?

I want to find a store where I can try on a huge range of helmets to find the right one for me.

My current one is fine when I haven’t had my hair cut, but once it is thinned out the lid feels a bit wrong. I think I just have to accept that I will need two lids for pre and post haircut.

Where can I go to spend some quality time trying on lids?

It pains me to say it but Metropolis have a pretty decent selection and Infinity at Great Portland Street is not bad either…

Thanks. Looking online, I don’t think any one shop does every brand, e.g. Infinity don’t appear to sell Shark, looks like I will have to do a scoot around town for it.

Why does it pain you?

Metropolis has a bad reputation

J&S may sell shark helmets…
Infinity are alright as well…

where are you based? the yamaha dealership in new malden has a massive range…

J & S Watford has the widest range I know, they seem to stock everything

I’d completely forgotten J&S after the Greenwich store closed. :frowning:

I’ll go up to Watford on Saturday I think. Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:

I don’t really fancy subjecting myself to Simoncelli-itis just to have my lid fit.

Just buy an Afro from a costume shop to wear before you put your lid on :smiley:

Or just never cut yo’ hair

I don’t have afro hair, but my hair does grow into a beast. I think I’m the only person grateful for helmet hair.

Helmet City are great, but I guess they won’t have much stock left until they re-build their warehouse.

I found J&S in Greenwich good too, but sadly they’re gone now.

Sorry, neither of those were useful suggestions.

Presumably the Yam dealer in New Malden is the J&S already referred to.

I think you’re right. Watford is closer to me anyway, so I’ll just head up there.

Thanks :smiley:

But the staff in the helmet section left a lot to be desired on our last visit - about 2 wks ago.

Oh, that’s a shame, cos the times I went to Greenwich staff were awesome. What happened 2 weeks ago?

I’m not shy about asking for help, or saying something if I feel like I’m getting shoddy customer service - and if I do, I’ll be happy to go somewhere else.

I wonder if anyone from there reads this forum?

i was on a hunt for new boots and gloves at the weekend, went to hein gericke and infinity but they didnt have anything in stock that i liked, in black.

ended up trying on numerous pairs, got my size, and looking online now! (i know its a bit cheeky, but i had every intention of buying them on sat, only they had bugger all i liked!) :smiley:

Helmet city still have all the lids in all the sizes to try on, if they don’t have it in stock they will deliver for the next day for you!:slight_smile:

Another +1 for infinity motorcycles. I was at the one in Clapham High Street, and the guys there were super patient and helpful. Ended up with a Nolan N90 :slight_smile:

LOL they all read the forums…

Metropolis ain’t really got a huge stock of clothing…Mind you not many shops do these days…they are all sales driven…

Dobles and Laguna stock quite a lot of clothing…Most others are shite I found…

or any of the store for that matter

id go for infinity, or George whites

When I picked up my bike from one of those places, the chap who handed the bike over kept saying things like “I could do xxx, but I’m shit.”, “Sorry I didn’t do xxxx already, I’m shit.” I said to him “You do realise that if you tell people you’re shit they’ll believe you?”

Long day or not, a young buck like that should have some more get up and go. And talk about a f’ing buzzkill - I was picking up my first bike ever, share the joy man!

Everyone else there was brilliant, but zero customer service skills from him.

I’ll go on the helmet hunt with pretty low expectations from customer service assistants. Thanks for the tips.