Which Renthal Grips

Hello, Thinking of getting some loverly grippers for me k7 thou, Not having used any before I would appreciate some advice on which version to go for. What has experience taught you horrible lot? Hards, softs or mediums and do the light ones get mucky looking etc?

Cheers peeps


Dark grey, medium 130mm.

Make a big differennce or not?

replace them regularly and they keep your mits planted.

indeed!:smiley: LOVE renthals grips…

Sorted. Now all I need to know is it, diamond, diamond/waffle, full waffle etc



Gone for the full diamonds. I have searched and found the wd40/hairspray method of installation. Any tips for removal of the old ones keeping them in tact?

poke a long skinny flat blade screwdriver down the end as far as you can then lift enough to spray wd40 etc in and work screwdriver round a bit and they should slide off intact ! :wink:

Nice one. Ta.

So, got the old grips off easy. Installed the left grip easy using some hairspray and it is stuck tight. The throttle on the other hand looks like it doesn’t fit to well as the original had a lip that clipped over a pronounced ridge near the switches. The replacement does not have this and will only sit to one side. Looks a bit funny. Is this normal? It is also twisting a bit and hasn’t stuck real well.

mine are exactly teh same mate, fitted when i bought the bike, never caused me any probs:)

I’ve also had to trim the right hand grip as it was fouling on the bar end causing the throttle to stick. Just doesn’t seem right really. Feels good though to ride.

A trick I used when changing the throttle one over was to cut the missing part that butts up against the switch-gear from the original grip and re-install it on the throttle tube. If you cut the Renthal grip with a Stanley knife or similar to make the two mate, they look the part, unless you went for the soft one, which I find is too soft and wears out too quickly.

I.E… Here’s my old 750

Great idea. Thanks Jay.

My grips were a bit worn out by the time that photo was taken. A summer’s worth of trackdays :slight_smile: Yours will look better when new.

Another good method for installation is, wrap a piece of gaffer tape around the handle bar then pour some petrol on the inside of the grip, quickly slide the grip into position before the petrol evaporates. Works a treat :smiley:

Ta. :wink: