Which plug kit?

Just got home after a fun ride on the new bike. I stopped to help another biker in trouble, he had managed to get a nail in his tyre and dropped the bike. I had tools in my bike (screwdriver, pliers and insulation tape) which were enough to reconnect the lights and reattach bits of the fairing, and another guy on a VFR stopped and had a repair kit for the tyre. The kit was pretty fiddly but worked eventually. It had some compressed gas cannisters, two of which got the tyre solid enough to get going.

It got me thinking that I should get one, but I need a small one to fit under the seat. I want it to be easy to use, and solid. So, any recommendations?

These are the best ones.


Whenever I do my tyres I leave it in there until the tyre wears out. I went and done caker’s tyre and she is planning on just changing the tyre when it runs out. It took me quite a bit less than 5 minutes to plug it… It took me a lot longer to inflate the tyre using a 12v electric pump.

I vouch for the airpro sticky string style kit . It works very well . It worked very well yesterday on a puncture that was a bit bigger than the normal nail size .


I have done several with those kits. Don’t bother with the CO2 cannisters as they only inflate by about 5psi, get a hand or foot pump or a 12v pump.

They only inflate to 5 psi if you only use one . Shove in 2 or 3 and you get more . 2 will easily get you to a garage to top up .

I usually just get a puncture repair kit so I can get the spike and when replacing the gas canisters get the 16 gram ones that I think do 8-10 PSI and aren’t that much bigger in physical size to the standard 12 gram (I think) ones you get.


That’s what I meant sorry. Still ~15psi when your tyre pressure should be 40+ is not enough. Why I have a pump.

Agree the gas canisters are pretty feeble, though handy to get things started, or for topping off when your arms are knackered.

As someone said, mini-pump is the way to go as they fit under the seat or tape to the frame.

Plugging kit? What do I know, I’ve got tubed tyres.

I’m a great fan of the aerosol sealer/inflators for the car. You can be off the motorway hard shoulder before the other dozy drivers have a chance to do for you.

Hmm. Would those things do for a temporary repair for a bike?

I have never got a can of that foam to seal a bike tyre . I dont know why I suspect the rubber aint thick enough or something like that and it cant get enough grip to seal it .

+1 at my dads place we see at least 2 cars a week using the foam repair it never seems to work.

We tried some of that foam on my brothers vx runner didnt do squat we ended up lifting the rear onto a neighbours skateboard to get it to a repair shop

Interesting. I’ve used it twice on car tyres and it worked well enough but needed the addition of pumped air to get proper pressure.

Mrs O’s silly little coupe (Mitsubishi) came from new with a 12V compressor and can of sealant in the spare wheel well. It now has a “proper” emergency spare wheel but still carries the quick fix kit in the boot for getting motorway hard shoulders in a hurry.

Have “used” the foam stuff twice, once by the side of the A1M and was wondering why the cars were swerving, I then noticed the foam spraying over two lanes of the motorway.

The second time was when one developed a small rust hole in my AL top box, luckily I saw it spraying and managed to deal with it without too much mess.

Now carry the standard “Liquorice” repair kit and a footpump when working (Have plenty of room in top box) and just a repair kit on the VFR and hope I can get some air somewhere, although will replace this with the ones with canisters.


Sounds… “fun” to say the least!