Which one??

Ok looks like I’ve got £250 (may stretch to £300) for a new Helmet!! I quite fancy a race rep…currently using a cheap AGV K Series so want something a bit better.

Any suggestions?

i posted up a couple days ago about a agv stealth, but people have been yelling “shoei” at me, mite be worth looking into,

Yeah i read that…

being a bit of a Karl Harris fan I quite fancy the XR1000 Harris rep but the boss indoors is telling me I’m not allowed to pay £350

You can get a quality Arai for that much cash.

Or the AGV titanium… not jsut a straight rep… apparently

Forget the race replica and get a plain Arai or Shoei for that money

get an arai.

u`l feel the differance staight away

i swear by them, don`t care how much they cost cause there that good

i had my bike pin me head (it was inside an arai@ the time) to the floor wen i had me off

had it tested and its still safe to use

very slow off 10-15mph

nakano i think ist was 200mph+ crash was wearing 1 so was richard hammond wen he crashed that jet car

the results speak 4 them selves

tell missus extra money = extra safty

I ordered my new helmet from racevisors yesterday - wanted the new Arai Dean Thomas rep but its not going to be about until November so I went to Infinity and tried on a few helmets and I liked the fit & feel of the Shoei more so got myself one of these, came to £337 inc breath guard and dark visor.

Its a Kagayama race rep

Where is the best place around here to go???

I’m going to look at Infinity and Hein Gericke in Farnborough tonight but If there is anywhere cheaper …

Try J&S … they usually have some good deals.


A few sites





Went to Hein Gericke, thought I’d go for the Arai Condor but felt I had to go to Infinity and try the Shoei’s first just to check them out.

Had a look, tried one one, looked around for the Karl Harris rep but non there, so I asked a guy if they had any in stock. “No” was the reply “but if you order one now, he’s coming here on Saturday so we’ll get him to sign it for you too”

Me being fickle fell for this obvious bribery and am now the proud owner of the XR1000 Harris rep…

Ah good choice What stores he going to?

Farnborough…apparantly there will be quite a few racers there.

Supposedly extremely busy open day tho