which one..


Now I am going purely on looks, I’d say the 848 in white is an awesome looking bike :smooooth: best out of that lot in my opinion :smiley:

WOW! what a lovely dilema to have. for me it would be the Blade, (i agree with you about the design of some of the new bikes tho.) good luck and happy shopping:)

Have to agree with you there Tiggi. The 848 in white is beautiful, add to the mix the termignoni exhausts, and that is one sweet bike.


but the i like italian twins…

I like italian twins too, covered in baby oil in a room with lots of mirrors :DSorry, were you talking about the 848??

if you are using it on a daily basis then the 750 or blade would be a more comfortable option, but the 848 is sooooo beautiful… would not want to leave any of those in a motorcycle bay though… :smiley:

spend 4K on a K5 750 and then 1K on a hack for commuting and then 3K on a track bike :slight_smile:


I would say the gixxer without a doubt if it wasn’t for the godawful cans!