which one..????

Hey all,

Right, im on the look out for a new bike & after extensive research im down to 3 bikes. looking to spend about 5k & it gotta be black.

Honda Cbr600 RR (new one is outta my price range)


kWAK Zx6

This is where I need some advice from those of you who have owned or ridden these.

Could you put the name of the bike to the corresponding numbers below to which you think is the best for each.

1, town riding

2, reliability

3, comfort

4, pillion

5, user friendly. ( forgiving…lol)

Remember that ive only been riding a year on a cbr600f (but it was nicked.:sick

any other advice would be appreciated.

Cheers all.

They’re all great bikes, you can’t go wrong with any, though the early CBR600RR’s are known for having comfort levels similar to a plank of wood at times. ZX-6R is a bonkers track bike, and the GSX-R is a great do-it-all bike. You could go with either three and be happy as larry, especially given your experience level. It would come down to what one sets your heart racing, oh and insurance.

I am not biased at all, would have to be the Kwaka.

Try and test ride all three and see which one floats your boat

As Jay said, they’re all pretty similar & so long as you can get on with the sports bike riding position, based on your experience you’ll probably think it’s the best bike in the world whichever one you end up with

As mentioned above, if you can, then try & get test rides on all 3 & decide which one you click with the most.

Check out insurance first though, as with a theft claim it could be quite expensive depending on where you live.

Personally I’d go for the kwak - no-one does intake roar like Kawasaki, only downside is it’s utterly addictive & taunts you down the road to much-naughtyness !

cheers guys,

which one will will be worst hit by insurance? my pemiums gonna go up this year as i claimed last & lost my no claims.

just saw this, what d’ya think. he,s offering it at 5250. i think i may just buy it over the phone without looking at it. very stupid i know but i just cant get the time to get down their.


anyone live near the dealer? coz if someone checks it out for me there would be a large drink in it for you…

jay, whats the kwak like on the rd, not gonna do many track days this year. also when you say earlier cbr’s. how early.

anyway thanks again

When you are buying a bike you know nought about I would recommend getting Ins quotes for all the options, test riding each (at least an hour) and thinking about the type of riding you do generally.

Buying one over the phone on a whim is just asking for trouble…

Agree - there’s loads of bikes out there so no need to chase after a deal as they’ll be another along. It’s all to easy to get swept away with the bike rather than the practicaliites of insuring it and stuff.

Best of luck!

Suzuki are currently doing a years fully comp on new GSXR600s for £99 & you should be able to get one of those for about a grand more than that, by the time you add your full cost insurance to that bike, it’s probably not gonna work out an awful lot less than buying a shiny new one !

Worth thinking about ?

Also, Kawasaki are doing 3 years int free credit on the ZX-6R & they’re going for around the same price.

i thought about that but after looking at the small print on the susuki deal it says you have to keep it in a brick garage at home address. i dont have one but i can keep it garage else where. so i dont think i’ll qualify.

as for the kwak, isnt it more track focused? especially this years model. not sure it would be the best one for road riding, which i will mostly be doing.

im doing my research on insurance now & your all right, i’d be a mug not looking at the thing first.

All three bikes are reasonably track focussed. Everyone can give their opinions about each model that you have listed. According to most media, the Honda usually comes out best for everyday scenarios, but usually is described as being the boring option. The current ZX6R is not as hard and track focussed as the older B1/B2 models which just seemed to be looney machines. Not sure where you are based but I would have thought you could find garages with demo models of each to go and try. The best bet when riding on your demo run is to try and ride in similar conditions to those that you usually do. So if you do town riding at lowish speed, take the demo to an area with lots of traffic and try it out. If you do B road scratching, then take it there.

Whichever you decide on, I suggest you get the suspension set up for you though, it can completely change the feel of the bike.

If you’ve had an insurance claim, then the first port of all is doing a ringing-around for qoutes. Insurance is going to be high, regardless, but not impossibly high most likely.