Which one floats your boat

Mine would be Brands GP - very very closely followed by Donnington and Cadwell

Brands GP every time for me :wink:

Just love standing on the outside of Druids - awesome part of the track :w00t:

Like the viewing from Brands, the bowl layout means you get to see so much of the track, almost all of the indy circuit!!

Havent ridden enough of the tracks (yet!) to know the riding viewpoint though…

There was that corner at Silverstone when me Ian and Sherrie plus others went to watch the BSB meeting there last year. Was great for spectating last ditch overtakes and I think Shakey highsided there.

What was the corner Elad? :unsure:

Hehe I only remember coming down from my corporate hospitality view to see the plebs once ;), and you guys were sitting at the chicane before the start finish straight, not sure what the name is, but yeah was a good spot.

Purely as a spectator - Hollywood and the Craner curves at Donnington. Some of the high-speed passes there (esp. in single-seater racing!) make me go weak at the knees!

Sounds like you would be somewhere around Woodcote :wink:

Brands GP is fantastic, Donny is pretty good too.

Silverstone is uttelry shite for spectators… what about Castle Combe and Thruxton ?

Great tracks.

I don’t know about that really - the outside of Club is pretty good :cool:

Pretty close favourites between these: Brands GP, Cadwell Park, Silverstone International. But I think Silverstone International pips it for me. Great amount of fast and slow, but flowing sections. Silverstone GP is great, but a bit too long and made more for cars.


For spectating it has to be Spa/Le Mans and Assen, due to the fact they are all well catered for with bikers in mind.To actually ride well that limits me to the UK…

Silverstone is awesome, very fast and reasonably technical

Donnington is amazing and prob my next favourite of all

Brands Indy is easy to get to but holds demons so not likely to go back there…Paddock Hill gives me shivers

Thruxton has to be the fastest track i have ever ridden, not that technical

Cadwell is as technical as they get but can’t rely on the weather

Castle Combe is basically a large roundabout with a few chicanes, plus you will never get past the Db levels that rule the circuit…

Snetterton is always cheap and seeing 180 down the Revit straight is always a pleasure to see

Mallory, not done it since they have changed it but was always fun to ride

Lydon is too small for large cc bikes ideal for 400/600’s not that long a lap but a good track

Oulton Park is the ultimate, unbelievable circuit with plenty of undulations and reasonably technical