Which of these textile jackets is better???

Looking for a jacket when it is too cold to wear my leather jacket. Not for any rain in theory! Just cold dry winter days/evenings. Found the two below whic h look good but would be interested in peoples opinions…

http://www.hein-gericke.co.uk/clothing/hein-gericke-team-blouson-schwarz-weiss.html - Does this really have no armour???




I’d go for the slightly longer length Infinity. (Oh, a lot of HG stuff comes without armor. They’ll happily sell you a set for twice what it’s worth.)

Oh, #2. At those prices, don’t expect perfection.

The Infinity one is 50% mesh which means it’s designed to allow air through for hot summer use, it’ll be way colder than your current jacket.

I’d rather have something quality second hand in good condition than the two selected. Those two jackets look like they can’t take much abuse in comparison to some of the others on the market.


Frank Thomas, IIRC, are going down the pan. So you might be able to find few good deals with them.
Spada, are good too have a set of gloves and they’re still alive.

Both brands are good and provide value for money gear.

  • 1 for Frank Thomas, and the seconds are so cheap. (Need a careful check over though.)

+1 for the Spada stuff. Only ever buy their gloves. When they say waterproof (WP suffix on the model) they mean it.

Try the MCN show at the weekend, you’ll be suprised what you might pick up there. I got a reasonable Richa jacket for much cheapness last year.

The infinity one is a summer jacket and will be very cold in winter as Pat said, I don’t think the HG will be that warm either - I seem to remember seeing them in the shop and they look quite lightweight.

ive been told bad things about bullet proof.

id go for these (nearly did, till i realised i was too big :p)


there are also atleast 3 jackets for sale in the ‘for sale’ section of LB, all would probably be better then the ones you’ve posted.

also, do you know that the bullet proof one is a summer mesh jacket, not a thick winter one as you want?