Which Motorcycle repainters?

hi guys do you have any recommendations for any custom paint shops?
Only one i know of is Dream Machine.


oh dear. this thread has got Sam’s name plastered all over :smiley:

lol, Cheers Alba :slight_smile:

Which area are you in? i know a few :slight_smile:

Sarf London

I only know ones in Essex unfortunately

would they pick up bike and return? seems a few do

Yes but is expensive.

Check out Sudden Impact. They painted a GSXR750 of mine a few years ago and they are amazing. they also do Air Brushing and some of the artwork i’ve seen of theirs is unreal!


sent them an email thanks.

Altamura came back with a quote: 1200 for the paint and 150.00 each for the wheels and the 250.00 for strip and paint = 1600,00+vat

What you planning on doing?

Repsol rep. (Remember its a naked so less panels)

Sudden impact will be about £800-£1000 I reckon

Or, you could go for Chinese fairings and pay about £300.

What bike is it?

Cb1000r so no Chinese options

Won’t look as nice as ktm colours :smiley:

Oh god. Now the orangness is spreading to the dirty south. :grin:.

Our ride outs are gonna start looking more like a cast outing of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory😳.
There’s even an orange one parked in the west during the day. But I’m reliably informed it lives in the dirty south.