Which loading ramp?

Which bike ramp would you suggest I buy to load a superduke into a transit stylee van?

It needs to be from a place that does speedy delivery.


Paul Jinks @ Trickbitsuk.com

was talking to this bloke at a focussed events trackday he was selling a good looking ramp for around 60quid said he did next day delivery if i couldnt take it away give him a call

tel. 01604870090

mobile 07850328260

im going to be getting one

i can sell you one just like mine if you like pete. Its a professionally modified (by me), high desity & extra durable cut down scaffold board :smiley:

works great on a transit as the bumper is perfectly placed to ensure a smooth and measured transition into and out of the van. Its even been know to work riding the bike into the van on high roof models.

If you are interested i can do you a special price!!! £4.77 inc VAT :w00t:

(on a serious not I obviously have no clue what a decent ramp is. Never used one)

Paul is great! If he cant help you:


I have an OTW but I got it cheaper off ebay as I wasnt in a hurry… works a treat for the enduro, zx10 and sv…

Frogga has an old wooden door which is very easy to use, the extra width means you can walk up the door with the bike rather than having the bike get higher and enter the van without you having to jump up.

Take the door handle off first :smiley:


thats the one iv got…

i like it as i dont have anywhere to keep and old door… this ramp folds nice and has a nice curved shape so the belly pad dont scrape…

Neither does frogga, I think it’s his neighbours front door and he just borrows it for the day :smiley:

bought 3 of that type - they go for more like 40-45 quid if you shop around. The co I went with via eBay got them to me in a couple of days from what I remember