which indicators?

OK, the credit card demons have won and I’ve decided to splash out on some new indicators for the Z, and I need some opinions.

I really like the look of the stuff from Rizoma, and they do two types of indicators, these, called Rizoma Track:

and these, called Rizoma Zero:

Which do you lot prefer? The bike pics show them on Z1000s, and I’ve got the Z750.

OR, any suggestions on altenatives (that are cheaper )

They certainly look nice, and expensive too. I went for the Motrax ones below. I reckon at £30 you could afford to get a tail tidy for the price of jus those Rizomas? Plus I don’t want yours to start looking better than my rep machine. In fact, I’d just keep your bike standard - think of the resale value.

thanks PBZ, nice to know you’ve got my best interests at heart

(tail tidy is on its way already )

Have got to say that the Riz Zero would be my choice - think of the futuristic lines of that beautiful machine, and how well they would be complimented by the lines of the Zeros! Mmm, very sexy.

So how much are they?

about twenty quid…

per indicator

and yes, that’s per indicator, not per pair

Well, if they’re as well-built in real life as they look in the pics, I’d have to say, ‘what are you waiting for?’ Looks like quality engineering.

And every time you go for a ride your smile will be just a little bit bigger

both styles look cool as fook! i’d go for the zeros they’ll look mint on the Z

Digi I like the look of the Rizoma Track caters.