Which helmet

Right, the bottom line is that I am needing to purchase a new helmet… I have used a Shark RSI for around 10 000 miles and although was well served by it, I have decided to put some more cash into my purchase which has opened the options up.

So after spending a good couple of hours trying on helmets, including:

  • Shoei
  • Shark RSR2
  • Arai

I must admit I was immediately impressed by the Arai Quantum, finding the Chaser a little too tight in comparison.

So Arai, it would appear is the one for me. Now was going to buy the Arai Quantum online from HelmetCity but have just been shocked to see Arai RX7 GP at the same price as Quantum… which seems like a really good deal on such a top of the line helmet.

The thing is as well is that I have not tried the Arai RX7 GP on… but assume that it is of the same shape etc. and probably even more plush as it where.

Confused… My heart says go for Arai RX7 GP :wink: Seeing as will have helmet for 5 years hopefully.

Any thoughts…?

If it’s a different helmet I wouldn’t go assuming it’ll fit the same.

According to your profile you’re in Weybridge, Helmet City are near Westerham which isn’t very far away, so why not just go & visit the shop & make sure you get the right fit before buying?


Thanks for the advice! Had not realised or thought to check where HelmetCity where…Had assumed that they where internet based only. Never assume hey!

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.