which helmet?

after some consideration it’s time to replace my lid (HJC) due to excessive wind noise (commuting journey has changed to motorways).
Looking at arai’s as they seam to be the best fit however i keep hearing that the corsair is very noisy.

any recommendations?
anything welcome?

go for the chaser it’s the best fitting arai i find with some really good colours too.
i know you can get good discounts on here somewhere.

totally agree, really nice helmet and a good snug fit. you cant put a price on safety. :slight_smile:

You go with what fits you most comfortably.

Not everyone’s head suits Arai, I’m lucky cos mine does:cool: Shoei lids are just as good but a slightly different head shape and I hear they are a bit quieter.

Others swear by AGV so really its down to personal preference mate:)

Just go to the bigger bike store, try 20 or so and pick the most comfy ones then ask peeps about quietness.
Within the same make (AGV in my case) I’ve found some matching perfectly, but others don’t fit at all.

Some people report that they get a lot of noise from the air vents. Others find the noise from the opening (around your neck) to be rather louder. Web Bike World, does noise measurements, and weight measurements. Be aware that, what sounds noisy to some, may not be all that noisy on you.


They also have info on many helmets, including the basic shape of the helmet versus the shape of your head, that sort of thing.

Try Jonnyzero at Infinity Hanger Lane :wink:

Try the Arai Viper GT helmet, I found it considerably quieter than my Corsair/RX7 but still with the fully removable lining meaning you can get it to fit you much better.

Here is the product review on it


Also consider earplugs. Makes a big difference on comfort too.

babyJ (28/04/2008)

Try the Arai Viper GT helmet, I found it considerably quieter than my Corsair/RX7 but still with the fully removable lining meaning you can get it to fit you much better.Here is the product review on it

http://londonbikers.com/articles/3425/arai-or-not-arai-thats-the-question[/quote]I would have to second BJ even though I ride with an RX7 my Viper GT is slightly quiter and has a more cosy fit.Plus they have a few more paint designs out this year.

Schuberth S1 claims to be the quietest helmet in the market.

Yep (and it’s also worth looking at the BMW ones. They are made by Schuberth if I’m not mistaken).

But you know that everyone will only buy Arai or Shoei. Because that’s what everyone buys. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :P:)

Your right Schuberth do make BMW’s lids and they ment to be very good, but Arai and Shoei are the very best its the reason why nearly everyone buy’s one.“Arai becasue you & your heads worth it ;)”

I have an X-Lite which are manufactured by Nolan. Currently Moto GP rider Jorge Lorenzo is wearing one. I can completely reccommend them.

Check out for info:


I’m interested to find out why so many people say what you’ve just said. I know that so many people say it, but is there any objective way that anyone can back up the claim that they are the best? I know that if I’d paid 300 odd quid for a helmet, I’d be telling myself non-stop that it was better than the other helmets, but largely so that I can convince myself that I haven’t just been ripped off.:)As far as I know, the only difference in testing is that one or both of Arai/Shoei do a spike penetration test, but that this test isn’t part of the EC 22-05 (or whatever the EC helmet standard is called). I suppose you could argue that the EC have got their standards wrong and missed out an essential test, but if this was true I think we’d have been drowned out by the voices calling for changes to the EC test regime (surely this would be more worthwhile campaigning for than a lot of the things that do the rounds of bike forums). I can go for arguments that say Arais/Shoeis are more expensive because they might use more expensive components (NB “expensive”, not necessarily safer), or that they might be more comfy.I can also go for the argument that they are more expensive purely because they’ve put so much money into marketing that they’ve built up such a reputation that people will just pay more for them full stop.But I’d be very interested to hear if there’s one genuine objective “fact” that says they’re safer (not nicer, or more comfy, or made of more expensive material).

Well I can only speak for myself. I have crashed tested two lids so far a mid ranged Nitro and my old Haslem (Arai Viper GT) and although I never suffered any extreme head injuries I know my head/face felt a lot better after the Arai crash I never even had as much as a headache and that off was a lot faster.

As for the money side of things I have never paid full price for a lid in fact I have never had to spend more than 300 notes no matter what lid it was.
Nor do I have to convince myself that I haven’t just been ripped off because I just paid out for a top of the range helmet as I collect them and have lids as low down Nitro and Vemer in my collection all the way UP to the best Shoei’s and Arai’s, I buy or am given any helmet I like just because I like it regardless of the manufacture or price.

When it comes to testing which helmet has the most comfy fit, is quieter, has better aerodynamics or has the best paint job the decision is personal but so far Arai are on top with Shoei just behind both manufactures have put a lot more into their marketing and have built a good respectable reputation which for me is water tight, they are the best brands by far.

I also use to work for Hein Gericke and have tried on every helmet they sell and fitted them on to a million customers, most but not all would agree with me.
(I have not tried on every helmet in the world but I have worn or own more than most people every will)

Im more than happy to answer any other questions you may have :slight_smile:

The Artist



Cheers for that, Mr Artist. I appreciate what you’re saying, and you’ve obviously got plenty of experience to back it up.I’m still interested in the specific issue of whether there’s any objective evidence to say that Shoei/Arai are SAFER than other helmets.

Undoubtedly, they’re the top BRANDS, and they’ve done a great job on that. Undoubtedly they have good paint jobs too, but I’m interested when I hear so many people reflexively saying that they’re safer, when as far as I can see there’s no objective evidence of that. [edited to add:] I’ve only had 4 helmets. They’ve been from different mftrs, and across different price ranges. The one I like the most is the most expensive of them all. I like it because it’s comfy, it’s made of materials that feel good to the touch (I’m no engineer or chemist), and it’s quiet. And because of that, I’m happy to pay that cash for that helmet. But as to whether it’s actually safer or not, I doubt it.At the extreme, there’s obviously an argument to say that if a helmet is positively uncomfortable/too noisy then it will impact on my concetration and therefore my safety, but none of my cheaper helmets were like that. They were comfy and OK for noise, but my more expensive helmet just feels better.

Fair comment BB.I am a fan of Arai lids as I know that when i have bought them in the past I have been able to have the inside padding tailored to suit my head as there are IIRC 5 different side pads. You can go to a Five Star Arai Dealer and get any part replaced and you know there will be trained technicians at any show or race meet up and down the country. If you have a dink in your Arai you can get it x-rayed and checked over by Arai.As far as I’m aware none of this is available to any other make of crash helmet (not sure about Shoei)At the end of the day, you pay your money and you take your choice:)

Im just posting a MSN convo I just had and the guy im talking to makes oh so much sense:Seb says:

the main point has been missed in that (this) whole thread tho

Da Artist says:

whats that

Seb says:

where are motorcycle products tested???

Da Artist says:

in my bedroom lol

Da Artist says:

i don’t actually know

Da Artist says:

where are they tested

Seb says:

and who has the largest amount of helmets in bsb, wsb, motogp etc so can generate the most feedback when it matters…in a crash

Seb says:

they are tested in racing.

Da Artist says:

post what you just said up

Seb says:

that’s why these companies pump so much money into the onsite services at race meetings. so they can manipulate current designs and feedback on their effectiveness in a crash and in terms of comfort

Sorry for not answering your actual question. One thought is that a small (or different shaped, if youv’e already got one) screen might divert the wind and bring wind noise with your existing helmet down to an acceptable level.