Which FZ600?

I’m doing my DAS next month and looking to upgrade to a 600 within a couple of months.

I think I’ve decided on the FZ600, I like the look of it (half faired) , the riding position, they’re pretty cheap to pick up on the private market etc, will do me for a year or so, I’m on a budget and not an overly confident rider so don’t want to get a new bike etc yet.

I’ve been reading a bit about the differences in the models from year to year and wanted to see who has or is riding one, what model yours is and what you would recommend?

Do you think would be a good idea for a first big bike? Are they quite forgiving for a new rider? (I’ve been riding my 125 for 4 months now.)



£2500 max ha! So a small budget, I know I’m not going to get anything great.

Any other suggestions?

that might be a little bit tight

have you looked at an SV650 they are a much regarded bike & in budget


You gets lots of bang for your buck with a Fazer, if it’s less than 10 years old and it hasn’t had an endless list of previous owners you shouldn’t go to far wrong

Plenty to choose from within your budget here Auto Trader/used bikes is your friend

Good reviews on MCN too read all about it here

bollox I got the wrong fz

get the older carbed one.

Love my '01 FZS600, it’s always done everything I’ve asked of it

I’ve got a 2008 Fazer FZ6, owned from new that might be needing a re-home soon. It’s high mileage of 42K but has never let me down and has been on many a great adventure :slight_smile:

My first big bike was a Kwak ER6F…

Can’t fault it and very forgiving…

After two years (daily commute and a few trips), jumped straight on a CBR600RR… no probs at all (well the riding position totally different and immense difference in power, but you get what am saying :P)

I’ve heard pretty good stuff for both fazers and hornets.

I would suggest you get yourself to a dealer and test ride one…

You need to be comfy on your first big bike…

Btw… I chose the same bike that I did my DAS on as I knew what to expect…

Good luck with the DAS!!!

CBR600f - still a bit sporty, good first bike, fully faired and easy to ride/commute/have fun on. :smiley:

The old FZS600 is a good first bike really, done me well. Quick run down-

FZS600 '98 - 01, older square ‘box’ eye headlights, carbs.
FZS600 '02-03, newer ‘foxeye’ headlights - Bigger tank, better lights, better mirrors.
FZ6 - fuel injected, underseat exhaust.

All good all rounder bikes. More than nippy enough for a newbie, agile enough for commuting, comfy enough for touring and very reasonably priced.

I’m with nivag on this one, you’ll get a nice one for that money no problem at all.

I just went from a 1000cc Fireblade to a FZ6 Fazer 600 and am loving it for London life.
Picked mine up for £2700 at 7000 miles, immaculate. Plenty around at that sort of price and mileage-ish.

No idea if the s2 (2005/6 onwards) is better or not as I’ve never tried one, but ignore the comment earlier about getting an early carbed model. Why go back in time? Fuel injected detuned R6, yes please.
Nicer looking than the CBR600F, and more fun. Better built than the SV600. ER6, yeah probably similar, but the z750 is better but too short geometry for me at 6’2".

FZ6 is great for all types of riding, and probably all types of rider. Comfy position, although I am changing handlebars. Good looks, good power, handling, braking. Do it.
Want to try mine? (depending on insurance status!)

Forget the older square headlight one - it’s too dated looking and old now. If you want an older Fazer, the (still carb’ed) '02-'03 fox-eye version is allegedly a good bike and you’ll get a minter for your budget, but as yourebarred says, why go back in time to carbs?

Lots of people didn’t like the '04 on(?) S2 FZ6 models as they though the detuned R6 engine to too revvy and too peaky, but I like a bike that enjoys being in the upper end of the rev-range to work best. Modern ally(?) frame and fuel injection as well, so no faffing around with carb-balancing.

Could also look at an Yamaha XJ6 in addition to what others above have suggested :cool:

Depends on budget really. A decent 02-03 Foxeye Fazer with 10-20K on it and in spotless condition can be had for around £1500-1800 odd. At this value, I found insurance quote TPTF came it at around £360 for my first year straight after DAS.

A similar nick FZ6 is going to set you back £2000-2500 odd, and I was getting back insurance quote for £600-700 at this value.

YMMV, where you’re based, how much riding experience you’ve had, or just opt for models which much more mileage.

WTF… Really! The CBR looks like a sports bike, handles like a sports bike, has the seating posiition of a tourer and is fully faired for long distance easy riding - it is better in every aspect compaired to the FZ6 and as forgiving if you make a mistake which is why it was the highest rated and most sold 1st big bike for years and years… I’m a massive Yamaha fan but the Honda is better, even when selling yamaha’s i’d push people to the CBR and normally sold them a used one and got repeat business from my customers for giving good advice!


Oh and im not the only one that thinks this - http://www.visordown.com/road-tests-used/second-chance—honda-cbr600f/11542.html#historysub

Thanks for all your advice guys.
I do really like the CBR600F as well.

I guess what I’m most worried about is the weight and handling of the bike, I have it in my head the FZ600 is going to feel lighter and less intimidating, though I know the weight is very similar. I think the slightly more upright riding position might be a more sensible move for my first bigger bike.

Where are you planning on taking your DAS? We might be on the same course :slight_smile:

Terry Moto should sort you a decent price - http://mctlondon.co.uk/ just mention your a LBer.