Which fingers do you use?

First two fingers on the brake, and all four on the clutch for greater control and full travel.

BTW Using the clutch can be a lot smoother than clutchless, although you should be able to change quicker and seemlessly without it. Oh, and it’s not the pressure plates it relieves pressure from, but the dogs that engage the gear. :wink:

For those of us who go faster than pedal cycles…so nothing for you to worry about. :hehe:

+1 thats what i do…

also agree that using the cluth can be just as smooth, to do clutless changes to have to be accelerating or at least be holding some revs it doenst work very well at low revs, gets jerky, i normally only do clutless upshifts when im making ‘progress’…officer…:smiley:

i’ve got mini pezzo levers.

only use 2 fingers

I was concerned that this should be in the Adult, not safe for work forum.

You have an R1 and you seriously don’t know that? Jesus.

I use index and middle fingers for my brake and the same on the other hand for my clutch. I use short adjustable levers which really helps and gives you so much more control. Recently rode a bike with standard levers and found them really clumbsy , and they would catch my last two fingers when I used them…

All four fingers on the clutch and the first two on the brake.

However this may change in the winter when my fingers can’t feel a thing :hehe: