Which fingers do you use?

ok bear with me a moment here…

I recently read that you should/(or can) use the two middle fingers (middle and ring) to use/cover the break lever.

apparently this is because having your index on the throttle will give you better control (blipping for e.g.)

and also because the two middle fingers rest further out on the lever giving better lever control/use (i.e. less effort more breaking)

not sure if the same applies to the clutch as you should use the ring finger as the point up to whitch to pull the clutch in.

any thoughts?

Racers often use that sort of technique; I tend to do something similar when filtering for extended distances - like on a clogged M25… not sure exactly what I do but it seems to work for me. Generally most of my braking is done with 2 fingers.

actually i meant which two fingers do you use, as i always have two on the levers (mind you still on the scoot so both levers are breaks :whistling

where did you read that? (also your ring finger is only on the clutch side unless you mean something else by ‘ring’ finger )

most race gloves even come with the last two fingers sown up to prevent damage in a spill so you’d have to cut the sown up section to do what is described.

those two fingers relatively dont really have much strength in them so using one in preference of your index sounds odd. index and forefinger has most strength/grip/control. reach would be marginal consideration at best with adjustable levers, wouldn’t be stronger in that combo and doubtful that i’d be better control. you’d dont need much grip strength on the throttle.

read it in an american magazine (while i was there for work) cant remember the title…

as for ring finger… LOL not married yet so its NOT on my left hand

Personally, I use 2 fingers for braking whether it be on the road or track. I use index finger and middle finger. I sometimes only use the index finger, all depends on bikes braking system and how hard i need to anchor up.

As pointed out above, many race gloves have the smaller two fingers stitched together to save damage in a spill. Most race riders will not use the outer two fingers at all.

As for the clutch side of things, its basically the same, if I actually use the clutch lever. I only usually use the clutch lever for first gear, then its clutchless shifts all the way up the box. I will virtually always use the clutch coming down the box, and its just the index and middle finger.

My outside fingers are not used when riding the bike.

Please dont laugh! I’m a little confused… you can change gear without using the clutch?

Can I do that on my R1?

yeah you can change gear without the clutch, i pretty much do all the time,

i dont think it’s very good to be clucthless changing over neutralthough (from first to second)

as for the fingers! i use my middle and index for the front brake,

and on the cluth side i use the same two fingers, But just fitted a bar brake to my CBR so now my index finger controls the rear brake and my other three fingers control the clutch, (weel dont think that my little finger actually does anything apart from follow the other 2)

yes mate. when accelerating if you back off slightly you unload the pressure on the clutch plates which allows you to click up a gear before you roll back on. with practice its smoother/easier than using the clutch on the upshift. when you learn tho it’ll be a bit jerky to start with so practice with short shifts rather than at the top of the powerband.

any bike will do this assuming the gear box is in good nick, twins are a bit harder to learn on as there is more engine braking making the jerks bigger when you bodge it.

bit of a discussion on here a while back on this for you. its also in those links i sent you from the sportsrider site


Yes you can with practice clutchless upshifts are very smooth… pull away on the clutch in first, roll off the throttle, snick it up on, back on the gas… easy… repeat until you run out of gears or road lol

Best not to try clutchless downshifts IMO (although I often do them on the VTARGGHH)

i use all of my last 3 fingers on my brake keeping index and thumb around the throttle.

I ride around town like this more or less all the time with the brake covered.

out of town i take fingers on the brake.

clutch i use index and middle only… i tend to ride around with 2 fingers on the clutch at all times to…

2 reasons for this, im prone to slipping the clutch a lot and i grew up riding motocross two strokes where you more of less slipped the clutch out of every corner to get in the powerband.

same with my throttle brake hand riding motocross bikes threw tight forestry and on tracks your on and off the brakes/throttle a lot, it is hard to hold on with just thumb and index though…

Didn’t know so I ‘watched myself’ on the way in to work this morning! First two fingers on clutch, second and third on brake leaving thumb and index for throttle.

Middle finger on left hand for taxis…

two years later:

I still use all four fingers on the clutch, and two on the front brake.

I seem to pull the clutch all the way in so if I use two on the clutch they other two get squished, and i can still slip the clutch with four fingers.

single index finger on the brake and clutch levers

What are brakes:w00t:

the middle one;) how ever on my bike i only need the clutch to stop and go…:stuck_out_tongue: i said this on the last fourm and the said prov it cos its a old bike and i did it:) and some ppl who have road with me have seen it…nowt new really.

if u ride in London u will no always using them graaaaaa:w00t: actually… :hehe:

you normally have to buy aftermarket levers with span adjustment to be able to 2 finger the clutch (ahem)

I usually ride deathgrip (do you guys use that term?). when in traffic or filtering I use all fingers on both controls.

I find middle and ring finger work best :Whistling: you get a good responce with them!!