Which Exhaust? -So many questions!

I want/need an exhaust. I would like to get rid of the cat, still have it road legal and also to have the back pegs on for a pillion. The exhaust HAS to be carbon fibre effect. I think the Akrapovic ones look nice. Any suggestions!!

Where is the best place/shop to get it from?:unsure:

Can it be fitted easily by myself?

What price will I expect to pay?:pinch:

Straight through or slip on?

Answers on a post box :slight_smile:

Akrapovic or Yoshimura I reckon for your Gsxr, they’ll allow you to keep your pillion foot pegs too, theres usually quite a few variations design wise though!

If it was me I’d get on to www.gixerjunkies.net and have a look at some of the same bikes on there & see what they’ve got fitted or just ask to see what people have with your model bike, their all a friendly bunch on there. I usually buy from ebay or a forum such as here, gixerjunkies, pistonheads or good old ebay.

BambleMash, what’s your budget? £340 gets you a slip-on for a 2007 model (which has a removable cat, so you can fit this after cutting your cat off, as it’s not removable), this sort of money covers most of the exhausts on the market, then if you want the best gains, best sound and best quality you can look at full-systems.

You could do worse than to speak to Paul from Race Performance Products (LB Site Supporter) as well. I’ve recently fitted one of their full-systems to my K8 750 and boy, you would not believe how good it is.

Thanks v much all.

Jay- Money budget was £4-500ish.

Is that a 750 or 1000?

I ask because Crescent Motorcycles are doing a K7 / K8 1000 full Micron exhaust system (can and headers) for just £468. Saving of over £500.

A good deal IMO

Only got a 600 :frowning: I’ve emailed Creascent to see if there are any other offers kicking about.

Dam good spot though!

We have a wide range of slip-on’s and full systems for the GSX-R. Drop me an email if your interested, LB members also get a discount;)http://www.raceperformanceparts.co.uk/Graves_Motorsports/GSX-R600_750_Slip-On_Exhaust.htmlhttp://www.raceperformanceparts.co.uk/Graves_Motorsports/GSX-R600_750_Exhaust_Systems.html

I wish I had asked here first, I’ve just gone with a Two Brothers system, can’t wait to get it fixed on

You bought a system? You always said it’d change the look of your bike and weren’t sure. Will it be ready for the BM tomorrow?

Come over to gixerjunkies.com Pwwwwease! I need a good laugh :smiley:

If you want carbon

Akra Slip on

Yoshi Tri oval dual exit carbon

Yoshi R-55 carbon tip slip on or full system

If you want to deCat you’ll have to chop the Cat off as its welded to the headers, look on US gixxer sites for chop.

my yoshi

Thanks PhontomGixer, your bike exhaust looks the nuts.

Thanks for the info…

I’m not coming over to gixerjunkies.com until you start being nice:P

Once you see the bike in the flesh you might change your mind. It’s not as bad as it looks in the picture.

I will try and come over to the newbee’s meet asap and then you can see it.

Come to Borough market meet tomorrow. I’m not a fan of your rims but won’t give you a hard time. :wink:

Have a word with Powerpuffgirl on here - her other half, Mark, makes excellent exhausts. I say that as a satisfied customer!

Nothing personal fella you made the right choice with the GSXR so you can’t be all bad. :smiley: lol

Apologies, having 2 pins through your thumb and into your index finger with a cast on makes me a little more grumpy than usual.

But the tape, well you know. :wink:

No it wont be ready for a couple of weeks yet :frowning: ordered, just waiting for them to come in.

Shame, well atleast it’ll be here in a few weeks so not too long.


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If you want to do track days be careful which one you choose. Last track day I did at Snetterton the noise tester was walking down the line of bikes laughing at a few saying they had no chance . . . they were all the newer bikes with stubby exhausts where the owner had removed the cat or fitted a full system and only had a small stubby can.

If your exhaust is too loud, go see Powerpuffgirl’s bloke at MHP in Stevenage.

£20 baffle. Noise reduction. Simples :slight_smile: