Which crash bungs?

I need to buy and fit some crash bungs to my VTR. From what I’ve heard, RG could be the best make and the easiest to fit.Can anyone confirm that or let me know of other options?

Any hints on where to get them cheapest would be well received too:)

Wouldn’t put anything but R&G on my bike. There’s probably some other companies making crash bungs as good as theirs; but nobody better to my knowledge.

Even if you have to cut fairings to mount the R&Gs; please do it! If you need advice I can give you some tips on how I did it. I mention this because some people buy cheap ill-thought out crash bungs that mount into fairing brackets to avoid having to cut fairings - unbelievable! What do you think will happen when they get crash-tested?!

I mean you wouldn’t wear a condom with a hole in it would you?! :w00t:

Also if you’re getting the swingarm bobbins then don’t go for the paddock stand ones that mount in the fixings on the underside of the swingarm; these most likely will rip the joint out in the event of an off at reasonable speed. Get the ones that go through the rear wheel spindle as they are much more lilely to be effective in a crash. Only thing is you have to take them out everytime you adjust the chain or remove the rear wheel, which is a fair trade off in my opinion.


Thanks Tom, I think R&G will be getting some money out of me very soon.

R&G all the way anything else is a waste of money ive tested them than once and i’m always happy with what they manage to save


Do not put on anthing other than R&G, have not seen any others that consistantly save the bike from big damage in a slide.

How about… don’t crash/drop it? :smiley:

That is always Plan A…It doesn’t hurt to have a Plan B though does it? :smiley:

I always thought that it would be a good idea on my last 2 bikes… never put them on… never dropped/crashed it… but yeh… iknow where you are coming from.

I bought R&G for my road bike because of their reputation but my track bike came with much cheaper DHM (double hard mushroom ?) bungs.

The chap I bought it from said he’d been down twice on the left side and on both occassions the bung had slowed the bike down by the road grinding the bung down, this stopped it sliding too far. No damage to frame and it just did its job.

Guys above are all spot on. R&G get consistently good reviews. They engineer and test their crash bungs properly. I came off my SV last Friday and the R&G’s I fitted worked superbly - they kept the bike off the ground - not a mark on the rad, engine casings, frame, tank etc - the only stuff I had to replace was relatively minor stuff like mirrors, gear/clutch lever etc.

Don’t drill your farings to put crash protection if there is something that looks decent that you can avoid doing it. Depends a lot on your bike of course, but once you’ve drilled your faring you can never put it back to stock and you’ve done the job of the tip-over in damaging your fairings.
Why bother getting crash protection if you have to stuff the fairings to do it?

On my 675 it has the drill ones available (talked to a few that have regretted doing it), then there are other ones (like the ones I’ve put on) that have a very solid looking chunk of metal that goes between several of the engine mounting points. Now what the “oh you wouldn’t want to have a bracket” guys don’t realise is that if you’re mounting across two points or three rather than one single bolt through your engine: you’re spreading the force amongst multiple spots. Therefore you’re more likely to bend/snap the single engine bolt. If you have enough force to snap the bracket then what’s that going to do to your engine mounts if one of them is taking all the force?

At high speed you’re stuffed anyhow :smiley: , just worry about slow speed stuff (in my opinion). If you crash at 100 miles per hour: it doesn’t matter what crash protection you have the bike is most likely going to cartwheel. I’d focus on saving slow speed spills from ending up costing you 1000 pounds. e.g. doing a u-turn hit some oil, or someone bumps your bike over while you’re away from your bike.

I went with the GB Racing Frame Sliders - they look good, are made in Barnet (I visited the shop when i bought them - shop is overstating it, its a mechanics shop, good to see them being made, so far they have been great, I’ve got a street triple, but i know that on arnie’s daytona, these frame sliders didnt need any drilling! :slight_smile:

Throughouly recommended

I have always used R&G on all my bikes, only used them in force a couple of time. They seemed to do the job they where designed for.:):slight_smile:

I have GB racing ones like Nath. Had R&G before but didn’w want to drill. And agree with Nath that GB ones provide better protection.