which broadband package

hi, could anyone recommend a good broadband package?. i’m still on dinosaur dial up looking to switch now.

i’ve been looking at tesco.com where they’ve got a 12 month 512k package for £14.79 a month(for the first year) if you take out their home phone package with it, otherwise £17.97. not too sure about that 12 month contract though


Broadband Plan Three
512 Kbps - up to 10 times faster than a standard dial up connection
No 12 month contract
3 GB monthly download allowance
Free activation and modem


thank you everyone.

Darryl, about time mate, my god, I didn’t think anybody was still using dialup! Welcome to the 21st Century! I think we should get in contact with the History Museum and see if they want to preserve your modem for future generations to oogle over and know what came before email videos, on-demand dvd and streaming radio!

Seriously though, I’ve had maaaaaany broadband connections since they were first trialed as ADSL2e back in the hayday, and I can tell you one thing, Cable is better than ADSL. Blueyonder is what I use; it’s cheap, has unlimited use, has far less down-time than adsl and is faster (I use the 8mb (1MB per second) service).

http://www.blueyonder.co.uk for more information.

Though availability depends on your area. ADSL wise, I would happily recommend (from personal experience) Eclipse internet whose service is unrestricted, and well priced. Otherwise there’s also the following two who seem to get high praise, but I have no experience with them personally:


I got a cable deal.

unlimited bandwith, 512kb and free basic cable for £14.99 for first 12 months.

Plus £10 off the first bill for signing up online.

It’s the unlimited bit I like.

thanks jay, looking into them now.

but bulldog broadband?


Well, Bulldog used to have a good reputation, but like I said, I’ve not tried them personally. Blueyonder would be the best bet, in my opinion. You’ll go mad mate, it’s so much faster!

I’m currently with BT. Just signed my girlf up with plus.net, £14.99 per month, no sign up and unlimited download.

I have had Pipex ADSL “from the beginning” it is not the cheapest, but never goes down or booogers about. Recently upgraded from 512 to 1Meg [freebie] … I cannot tell the difference, so unless you spend your entire day downloading immense quantities of p0rn, dont spend anything extra on faster broadband speeds.

If you use a USB modem as opposed to a Router [which uses a network cable] you are a bit less secure, either way, you must at least run a [software] firewall Zone Alarm is easy, free and pretty good, Tiny is better, just more complicated. If you do this and have patched up your Windows system [http://update.microsoft.com] you should be pretty safe.

all u want really is a decent speed 512 + and unlimited downloads, most of these places are the same just depends whether they are adsl or cable.

I think cable is better but the differences are maninly to do with price for what we use it for.

If ure getting broadband might be worth getting a wireless router (60 quid ish) so that all the comps in the house can use it and share files etc…

Been with Blueyonder for 18 months now and its been v.fast and problem free for me.

BT for me. Initially a 0.512 Mb thing and they upgraded to 2.0mb free !! Tops. Will be looking now for new as moving, so monitoring this thread with interest.

I agree with TonUpKid, Blueyonder has been brilliant for me, fast and I’ve had no problems what so ever!


Yeah if u do get a wireless router i would advise mac filtering/ WEP Key encryption mainly to prevent neighbours from using ure band width!

The windows xp service pack 2 firewal is actually good so i wouldny bother with adding another one.

I second the firewall comment, the one built into XP is more than good enough, it’s not been penetrated yet in any official, or unofficial tests. Microsoft did good for once. Wireless access points can be had for about £30, I’ve just bought a 3Com (54mbs) one from eBuyer.com for the house. It supports WEP encryption straight out of the box, nice and easy to setup.

i have Tiscali 2Meg at £17 a month, no sign up and free modem with unlimited download. been fine so far for me

I just got my new broadband modem last night. I went with now who do the wireless broadband. The 512 service is £14 a month with unlimited access for a 12 month contract, or it’s £30 connection and £14 a month for the same service but on a month by month basis. So far it seems pretty good!

Bulldog if you want speeeeeeeed 8mb line nice

All you need is 512k!! WTF, nooooooo, what you need is atleast 2Mb these days. Having 512k is as bad as dial up with the amount of companies offering higher speeds.

Bulldog sounded good but they have a long way to go at the moment, I’m going to keep watching them before I sign up but once they have it working the idea is pretty good.

Personally I want unlimited downloads, I’m not even going to say how much I downloaded in 10 months but I havent been to the cinema for a year and the local Blockbusters have nothing on my DVD collection

Theres no reason to spend anymore than £20 for a 2Mb aDSL. If you can get Cable then great, I can’t and in fact I can only get a 1Mb aDSL as my exchange is too far away. Which is a point worth checking before getting suckered into a 2Mb deal. Although the provider advertises and sells you it they may only in fact be able to provide 1Mb or even less.