Which Braided Hoses - Hel / Goodridge?

haha, easiest wind up of the day :Ddont know sh*t all about all this metal stuff myself. bought a set of Hel lines, fitted them to the bike, end of…

I used goodridge for the bandit fighter, and they were really helpful, gsxr front, r1 rear, +2 inches here and minus 1 there. Got to say they replaced a line free when I fucked up the measurements. Also they come in a nice range of colours!:smiley:

Like we would trust your colour judgement;):smiley:

And just what is wrong with my colour judgement? :crazy:

Nothing whatsoever mate;)

As long as you are happy owning the only snot zook in captivity, I’m happy;):slight_smile:

I’m looking to sell the snot coloured zook soon, so I can buy a snot coloured kwack. :stuck_out_tongue:

Snot is the only colour!

Are you serious?:crazy:

After all the work you’ve put into it?

It would break my heart mate:hehe:

Its just a bike. I’ve always wanted a zx12r, and now I’ll be living in a postcode where I can afford it.

I’ve got to admit, I was really pissed having to sell the XJR, needed some cash for a deposit on a flat. I found out last week the bloke I sold it to sent it down the road :crying:

For 'ucks sake…That bike was awesome…Where does that guy live :angry:

You can talk mo’fo’…You’re part of the crashed R1 club too :wink:

big club that one:D

Not wanting to interupt the flirting match. I Had HEL ones on my Ninja, were pretty good, mind you that might have been the twin pot Tokicos. I can’t remember if it was a 2-1 line either.

Compulsory isn’t it? at least I wasn’t stupid enough to get caught on camera :smiley:

I think it was a noble effort of Afro, as an LB Moderator, to provide us with such entertainment:)

Was the outcome of the noble effort caused by bling brake lines?

No, you just didn’t manage to spot a telegraph pole on the roadside :smiley:

Titanium is bling…Stainless steel is just common sense…Zinc is ghetto :laugh:

If geographical location is the dictate for those choices…I think zinc:hehe:

Jeez! Some guys can run off at the mouth.

Back to some common sense. There are firms out there that make up Goodrich hoses to suit your bike, made to measure, quite cheap. Most of those guys only offer stainless fittings for good reason. I’ve got a set on a 30 year old bike that are still good.

Oh, they are spurled fittings. Like the man said, JCB use spurled fittings.

What’s to choose?


That’s exactly what I’ve got, and I’ll be honest… them Tokino’s or however you spell that must be really poo cos the braided hoses made almost NO difference whatsoever to the stopping distance compared to the standard plastics that they replaced… braking wasn’t any stiffer or more responsive… bit of a let down really considering how much the modding types rave about the benefits of hard lines. Maybe its cos the bike’s blue… I dont know…