Which Braided Hoses - Hel / Goodridge?

Or is there another make that will match these?

Also value for money, e.g. which brand & cheapest place to source them?

2 line or 3 line?

I’ve always used Earls and went for the 2 line set up on the fronts.


I don’t think you can get a bad make of braided hose these days.

Spend money on getting a set that comes with stainless steel or titanium (bling :w00t: ) banjo bolts, and buy a kit made for your bike rather than component parts to make life easier.

I got a Goodridge kit and I’d recommend them.

Id recommend goodridge!

But dont waste money on the bling stainless (Sorry afro) fittings. Just buy zink! there way cheeper and still look the buisness :smiley:

venhill :wink:

…But in my experience (on an R6) they don’t stand up to the elements as well…Not so bad if you only ride in the better weather months.

Stainless steel is not much more expensive…Bling is titanium :wink:


Stainless all day long on my bikes as zinc plated ones go furry at the thought of getting wet:w00t:

Avoid coloured alloy fittings at all cost as these are for track use only and will not withstand road salt.

Goodridge, HEL, Earls… much of a muchness really:cool:

Thanks for that.

Guess I really need to see them in the flesh. Hel on their web page caution on mixing metals i.e. aluminium fittings on stainless hoses, they say it causes electrolytic corrosion.

Use metals of “same electromotive force” End of science lesson.

NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER EVER EVER use aluminium fittings on road bikes.:w00t:

Listen mate, we all know your bikes never last that long :wink:

Goodridge are supposed to use a scew thread on their banjo bolts, which makes them stronger, rather then just crimping them on but I’ve not noticed any difference between them. Just get whatever is cheapest.

exactamondo! So zink fixings go dull! gutted! you still have the performance of braided hoses and they still look the business! Goodridge lines front and back (Although the front were double withouht the splitter) cost me about £40 sheets brand new! the same with stainless fixings are about £70.

Bling my arse. take the misses out for a £30 slap up meal. Beleive me this will go alot further than stainless fixings if bikes are your life :wink: hehehe

£30 slap up meal ?:unsure:

He knows how to show a girl a good time;):smiley:

you think brakes are a good place to go cheap? :blink:

Please do spend the money on stainless banjos/fittings. Not only do the Zinc ones corrode but i have heard some horror stories about brake failure, Plus every mechanic i have talked to on the subject always says never buy the zinc ones… Im inclined to believe they know what they are talking about…

wouldnt call upgrading standard hoses to goodridge braided going cheap???

and to everyone else, lighten the lordy! up! everyone is way to serious on here! Ive had zink hoses for 6 months on my current bike and well over two years on my previous. Ive also heard mechanics say 6 pot race calipers with carbon disk brakes stop you on a dime! but I cant afford them can you?

Buy what is right for you! zink were right for me!

too many gurrus on here and not enough genuine opinions

The factory crimping is fine, it works great for JCB’s and massive earth moving equipment running at much higher pressures than your hand can put into a brake line. The OEM lines are crimped too, no problems there :wink: Even car brake lines are crimped.

I’ve just bought some HEL lines which look very nice, very neat and well made but only got those because Goodridge took too long to deliver.

Snot green ones Slarty?:wink:

No, plain black with stainless banjos and bolts, discrete and stylish but better quality than the shite most bikes seem to have as standard. Don’t need the technical improvement in braking, just the corrosion resistance and bling :stuck_out_tongue: