Which bikes the UK searched for in 2019

This is proper geeky and proper interesting.

Bike brands by UK search interest

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Two things that surprised me. Triumph so high and Kawasaki so low. :thinking:

Similar to timebandit, I cannot understand why Kawasaki is low, especially being overtaken by AJS and Indian sometimes.

I wonder what the source is for the data. Possible a shops that have strong connections to certain brands or spare parts. Maybe complaints, and that would explain why Triumph is so high, but not so for Honda.

I wonder how much it is related to new bikes. Triumph and BMW have launched a large number of new bikes over the last 18 months with more to come.

Honda have released the fireblade and Africa two which have generated a lot of interest.

Suzuki and Kawasaki have really got any new.

I am surprised that KTM didn’t feature.