Which bike for begginer?

The question is what bike will be the best option for me, quite fresh rider. I’m about to do my DAS test soon and still dunno what bike to think of. Bandit, sv650s, fazer600 or maybe cbr600. Please guys help me!
The most important, my wife want to be a pillion and ride with me so the bike must be as much comfortable as possible for my mrs
Any suggestions?

It’s easy mate - went through exactly this 1 year ago - I went with the CBF600 - best thing I ever did! So Cool!


My budget is about Ł3200, no much more that this I’m afraid… My mrs not allow to buy anything more expensive than that . CBF600 is a nice looking bike but quite expensive.

Bandit would be a good one…

I went for a Bandit after passing my DAS and it was great first big bike. Handles well, not intimidating at all and fast enough to put a smile on your face. For £3200 you would probably be able to pick up a new bandit - have a look in this weeks Motorcycle news. I’m sure there was a dealer in there selling new bandits for around £3K.

Another great first bike to consider would be a v-strom 650. Great big seat, so good comfort for pillions.

Good luck with the DAS.

I have seen ya ride on way to hastings and given how well you coped with that I would suggest an older CBR 600 would be the way to go. You should be able to get an FV or W for your budget.

Reason I say that bike is ya get the best of both world loads of sporty fun and a quite comfortable ride two up. For starting out ya could go for a naked bike like the bandit, but the advantage a faired bike would have over that is less wind buffetting at speed.

There are of course pros and cons each way and before you commit check out how much more you will have to pay in insurance. If ya do get a faired bike invest in crash bungs.

I did quote for CBR600 and they gave me Ł1500 for fully comp.Is that good or not?

I done my DAS last year and brought a sv650s nice bike but not good for pillions

Most important thing is one that you are comfortable with mentally and physically… Sounds silly, but buy a bike that you can easily physically manage and is comfy- one less distraction for the new rider. See so many new riders struggling on Sports bikes when they would be better on a Hornet or bandit rather than a YZF/ZX/CBR etc

It may be good how much bonus you have and where you live effect your premium’s immensel, sont take first quote shop around.

You’re right there he did really well on the way down!

Depends which way you want to go but you could also think of a Dual Sport type bike too - you’re on a 125 Vara so what about a Transalp / Pegaso or Africa Twin type bike? Loads around and within your budget - cheap to insure too and good pillion comfort - ok you’re not going to win any races but if you’re in traffic a lot the upright riding position and wider bars help you keep moving.

Also what about a nice single? Supermoto style!


a friend of mine just baught a zx6r for 2800£ i think 2000- or 2001 they are quite comfy for pillion as well i have the zx9r and its very comfy and they are both vertually the same