Which Alarm would you recommend?

Hope one of you guys would be so kind to recommend a good and affordable alarm. I would prefer something that would make the insurance company smile :smiley:

Depends how much the bike is worth to you I guess, but I’d get a Tracker instead…Base unit costs about the same as an expensive alarm…Alarms are next to useless on their own.

Read here for more info.

Oh, and most insurance companies will knock off a substantial amount with a Tracker installed, especially eBike.

I have always used Datatool. Always been reliable!

They do a new bit of kit called text alert, Alarm goes off and it will text your phone (2way).
You can log onto a web site and track the bike if it been moved using the GSM network. (have to pay a bit for that)


I’ve got an Oxford Boss, It’s thatcham approved, so your insurance company will like it, and it was about £60 on eBay. It’s bright yellow and looks heavy duty, so it should deter part-time thieves who don’t carry angle grinders and that around with them, even with an angle grinder they’d be making a lot of noise, the alarm is horrible.

It was meant to go on my front disc, but unfortunately I couldn’t get it through the holes, so I put it on my rear sprocket instead, and in 3 months I’ve only tried to drive off with it on once.

lol…sorry I couldn’t resist highlighting that sentence!..dear oh dear my naughty mind! :Whistling:

+1 alarms are pretty useless in London. Nobody pays any attention to them. Get a tracker instead.

+2 trackers & ground anchors better in long run, alarms are ignored by many esp in big cities

i would recomend datatool or meta, trackers are prob the better idea you will have much better chance of getting your bike back,the only problem with trackers they are not thacham aproved just yet but some insurance firms will give you discount.