Which air filter?

Right got my gsxr 600 k7, Got a scorpion exhaust to, is it worth getting a power commander and an uprated panel air filter? or just getting a new panel filter? just in need of some advice, cheers peeps.:slight_smile:

Good airfilters are never going to be a waste of money nor are they ever going to be a performance upgrade for an engine reving within it’s manufacturers limits. The standard bit of kit has been designed to cope with that.

Yup, buy the K&N or the Green Cotton then take it for a dyno setting or add the Power Commander and then take it to the dyno. Your choice.

Depends on how much adjustment is available within your existing ECU mapping without the P.C.

if you have fitted an aftermarket can fitting a K&N filter will do the engine no harm it will help it to breath better and as you can clean and reuse it will save you a fortune in having to replace the std one ( depending on how long you intend to keep the bike )

you may notice if you rev the bike a lot ( thats what 600’s do well) you will notice an increase in fuel consuption as these filters will flow more air than STD and the sensors will chuck in more fuel to compensate