Wheres The Best Place To Buy Brake Pads?

Im wanting to change my pads at the weekend but want to know the best place to get them from - OEM or aftermarket?

Bikes a K4 GSXR 600

Ta :slight_smile:

EBC double H for me, but loads of choices :slight_smile:

Graham where abouts do you buy them? Got EBC’s on my car and their ok so I’ll try them on the bike

www.wemoto.com does it for me:cool:

Cheers - will they be ok to use on standard discs? If they are I’ll order some today :slight_smile:

Yeah they are designed to be used with OEM discs

Cheers - ordered em, another job for sat :slight_smile:

I’m going to get some Bendix sintered pads next time around…Supposed to be more effective than EBC from cold and in the wet.

M&P do it for me.

Bendix are the shiz!!

Is that good or bad?:w00t:

Please speak English;):smiley:

Shoulda come to me again mate :wink:

ya wanna fit mine for me ? cos I will prolly c*ck it up :w00t:

How much can you get em for? I’ve been a **** and only ordered 1 side!

I’ve never fitted bike pads before but how hard can it be? :smiley:

Only just seen your question Mark :blush:

Looks like you got it covered :cool:

No worries! Was all sorted til I realised I had only ordered 1 side :rolleyes:


Fitted the pads today - easy job!! Took me about 30 mins & then I went for a run down to Sittingbourne and back to get em bedded in nicely. Got a nice bite to them now that the old pads lacked.