Where's my weekly podcast gone?


Where’s my weekly fix of Chuffster, Foxy and Macp…oh yeah, and you big fella?


He’s been too busy eyeing up the CBF1000 to bother with podcasts

Sorry guys - the podcast is taking a short break… things to sort out you see.

I have to spend 2 hours on public transport tomoro and i’m devestated about this

Dont get the chance to use my Ipod v often these days.

Saying that The Delays needs my ears attention so ill make do for now

Shame … I did enjoy them loads and what competitions am I gonna win now ?

Enjoy the break from it Matt but pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassse do them again.

Yes, please don’t stop them!!! Now I’ve got to do some work on Thursday mornings rather than just looking like I’m working.