Where you keep your babies ?

My one has its place in the sitting room :smiley: What about others ? Where do you keep them ? Are they being looked after well ?:wink:



My bike is kept outside undercover overnight, if i brought it in the house the misses wouldn`t be please and it would be a bugger going in and out everyday.

Wish i had a telly in me shed:)

mine sleeps in the garage , but i take her a warm cup of coffee in when its cold like chunky monkeys picture. :wink: hehe

adrian, your nuts!! wish i could do that!:smiley:

That’s a cool, living room!! :smiley:

A mate of mine rebuilt his bike in his living room after he had an off a few years back, it was too cold to work on it outside, oh and he lives on his own. I also know of a guy who used to wait till his missus went out and then put a load of car parts in the dishwasher while I he rebuilding his hot rod, brought them up as good as any conventional parts washer!

I would probably get shouted at by my house mates if I put my bike in the dining room, even though it would fit, once I’d figured out how to jump the fence anyway! :w00t:

lol i thought u had a baby , shud’ve realised u meant ur bike :stuck_out_tongue:

She sits in my garage…alongside both of our cars. Perfectly secure and out of the elements.

nah to young to have real babies yet :stuck_out_tongue:
and would be little hard when my bike is my girlfriend at the same time :smiley:

Shouldn’t you keep it in the bedroom then? :wink:

I would keep mine in the living room but there really ain’t room :frowning:

to keep ours in the living room wed have to haul 3 bikes up a very steep flight of stairs , never gunna happen

You have a lot in common with TerryMoto… He has a little hard and can’t get a girlfriend either:D

Friendly Reminder: Not everyone reading threads like this are LB members. Some might be thieves. Keep the details of your vehicle security and storage private.

mierzwin, I take it you’re a bachalor mate? :slight_smile: If I could do that though, I would, hah!

I wish I could. Never can make with her upstairs:D

what are you on about ? :wink:

Think he’s saying you cant get a Girlfriend and your Gay. (his words not mine :D)

I think he’s a brave man cause your a big ole boy :):smiley:

indeed adrian is a wel built chap!:slight_smile: 7am gym starts! bike in teh living room…yep his mad!:w00t:adrian- wait till summer fella we go out and show off that 675 of yours, in the words of the tibbs, ‘the girls a be all over yah!’ :smiley:

It does not mean that I’m gay when no girlfriend ? Have I met this ChunkyMonkey chap yet?:slight_smile:

Dont think so Mate…he only comes out in August :Whistling:

I’ll point him out to you when he’s around ;):D:)