Where would you like to go next weekend

As described - vote for your favoured suggestion

Have to do some googling before picking an options … although Royston Cave, rings a bell

Darn! I think I’m booked up next weekend with BBQs and another bimble :frowning: Have a great day out whichever you choose!

Hope to join you on another ride soon :slight_smile:

Would love too but Womad this weekend ( line up)

Fantastic music & atmosphere - really recommend it for your non-biking day. Runs Fri-Sun but can get day tickets Sat & Sun

Anyway, here’s one for J. Jetstream from GSH

I’m in, as long as we ride some nice roads not really bothered where:D

Edited to say can only do Sunday:D

Ha ha! Thanks - the album we have is “Moving Target” - quite apt:D

Enjoy yourself - but what is a “non biking day” at the weekend? Especially in this weather:w00t:

The weathers looking good for Sunday so I’m in. I’ll let you decide the destination.:smiley:

Sunday is bike day

Voted for Sheppey as I have a mate down there and dont know any good roads to take him on !!

7 days a week bike days doncha know :smiley:

I am keen and not really bothered where we go. Am i ok to participate with my six months of biking experience??

true…but what I meant was…a non 12 hour, 400mile ride out day (if you know of such a thing)

nb Malmesbury, being in Wiltshire, would make a lovely destination for a morning pre-festival ride…

How about Tintern Abbey one weekend via Stow, Ledbury, and Ross-on-Wye?:slight_smile:

Makes no difference to me as I’ve no clue where we go most of the time. I’ll be there, still riding in 100% nylon. Argh. Still my gym gave me a months free access so that is more money for the leathers pot.

We only went there at Easter. Besides - it’s not on the list!:smiley:

Yeah, I know, if it’s not on the list, we aint going there.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good choice - “vote for your favoured suggestion” does not mean that we will necessarily go there:P:P

Hey Puppy, if people are interested I’ll arrange a (long?) weekend up that way sometime?

My hometown is Monmouth nearby, and I can get cheap-ish accommodation at a friend’s pub/hotel - £40 a night for a double/twin room (6 rooms, so up to 12 people, may be some camping not too far away too). Lots of lovely windy roads around there, so I leave one bike at my Dad’s for fun :slight_smile:

If you’re curious, here’s some photos of the event I arranged for May bank holiday http://www.meetup.com/motorcycle-344/photos/939146/

Almost did it for August bank holiday but got complex :frowning:

PS - I also just found out that “Knee Down School” is based in Monmouth too (!)PPS - Almost thought to arrange a trip to coincide with the last Monmouth festival weekends (end July), but probably too short notice now. http://www.monmouthfestival.co.uk/festival_schedule.htmPPPS - Sorry to mildly hijack your thread Jetstreams(!) :slight_smile:

Feel free Z! :smiley:

We did only go to Tintern for an ice cream then came back again!!

A long weekend sounds really cool, lets wait and see though. Money’s really tight atm but something is in the pipeline so the futures bright.:smiley: