Where/What Velcro should I buy?

Hello all,

Since I decided to buy a cheap ARMR cordura jacket (don’t you EVER buy this model) when I got into this biking malarkey, now I’m paying the consequences, no freaking velcro longer works. I’m very tempted to bin it and buy another one but I’m also thinking that for a few quids I could fix it and have a completely functional jacket, regardless if I buy a new one or not.

Do any of you know what kind of velcro I could buy to fix it?

I will be stripping all the old ones and sticking new ones, pretty much everywhere. So I was looking into something self adhesive like this or this.


Contact WASP through Facebook… she will repair all you biking related gear (Leather, Textiles, the lot)

Wasp comes highly recommended.

If you are doing it yourself then 3M are the brand leader.

velcro is a trade marked name. everything else is a copy of it, so just stick with anything using the name.

Avoid self adhesive ones, if you have any decent length of Velcro, the Velcro is stickier than the adhesive and instead off pulling apart one side just pulls off. You have to sew it on for it to be effective, particularly for a jacket that might well get wet!

Found these on their website:
Designed for fabrics. You iron them on. After 24 hours it can even be machine washed, so I would assume it is water resistant.
No idea if it’s actually any good, but gonna get some and try them on my texile pants (same problem as yours).

They also have the ones you can sew on, and they are probably even better. However, if I were ever given a needle, it would undoubtedly end up in my eye somehow.

Excellent! Thanks Slacker! just what I was looking for. It can´t be worst than what I already have

If you do try sewing Velcro it’s quite difficult with a needle but usually ok on a sewing machine, particularly using zig-zag stitches if your machine does it. That is if the fabric you’re sewing it on to is not too thick for the machine.