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It feels like so damm long ago now… Ducati are gonna regret signing him… they’re not heavyweight enough to have a 5-6 year brand development strategy. He needed to ace up this year. A win MIGHT be on the cards, but only in exceptionally random circumstances…and Duke can’t afford to keep him if he isn’t winnin. No one can. He’s pretty much priced himself into racing Ferrari’s and Lambo’s in tedious anonymity… shame really

He’s not going to get on a podium with that Ducati…

Gets the hairs on the back o your neck standing… WOW

Awesome video, good find!

Amazed that 13 people have ‘not’ liked it on there!

What… how they hell do you NOT like something… I must find that button, although in truth, I’d probably use it too much…

I didn’t even know you could like something let alone NOT like it…

That hand is begging for a photoshop…

Ah, I thought you meant you could Like/Passionately Hate on LB… I knew you could on YourTubular… but thanks for the comprehensive look at Ryder knockin one out! :slight_smile:

racing at its best!!! rossi`s gotta ditch ducati as soon as possible.

Can’t… after he showed the world what he could do with Yamaha, his racing rep is at stake… particularly as the guy he laughed at won a World Championship on this “unrideable mcahine”… his Italian pride would rear up and slap him in the face with a soft velvet glove if he even tried to quit… that’s Macho bollox for you! S’gonna be his death… I reckon he’s toast. Ducati don’t want him back, the publicity ogre is too big. No one wants to sign Rossi cos he’s burned those bridges and they’ve got young guns they’re happy with… only way back is for him to bring Zook or Kwak back into GP… cos the Japanese factories could give him what he wants… otherwise he’s off to a 4-wheeled grave to try and tell himself he hasn’t given up.

its a real shame. i love the man. i think you are right toby about the macho thing, wouldnt it be great if he said stuff you to ducati and went into wsb next season. hed get a ride no sweat but like you said, hes too macho to do that and he would see it as a step backwards and not allow himself to do it.

I loved that finale along with the Laguna Seca race from 2008 and Vale taking Biaggi at the Esses at Donington 2001 (we were there!). Personally I think that if Rossi left Ducati the factory teams would still be interested, burnt bridges or not. They want to win titles, simple. Rossi is not a spent force. At 33, he is still fit enough to push for another title but he is still special. More special than Stoner, Jorge etc. The best motorcycle racer of our generation. He is also the master of psychological warfare on the track. 33 is not old in motorcycle racing. Far from it. As far as his current situation goes, Ducati won’t make the bike work for Rossi and he is unwilling to change his riding style. If the team don’t work with him then it’s a wasted season. The difference is that Honda and Yamaha developed the bikes around him. Stoner struck lucky that his style suited the Ducati but after winning his title in 2007 he progressively scored less wins until he jumped ship to Honda.

On the right bike I’d put money on Rossi blitzing the field. The young 'uns are having it good at the moment but if Vale gets an IL4 that’s competitive they know the party will be over until he retires.

100% mate, Rossi is NEVER spent, the man IS motorbiking that isn’t in question…but the situation he’s in, considering what’s been said means its his duty to himself in his own head to show what he can do… me I haven’t got that level of pride and ego, I could walk away and admit I made a mistake, but the pedestal he’s put himself on, and the PR machine that connected him with Ducati means its more than that… he’s stuck til contract dies, at which point he has to take one on the chin or he has to admit publically that he isn’t as good as Stoner, and I don’t think that’s a pill he could swallow not in public…

Just imagine Biaggi and that Spanish prima ballerina (wose name I can never be arsed to remember) laughing at him in his head every night…

That was an incredible video. Thanks for dragging it up!

These 3 stories nicely set the scene in the Press Monsters belly at the moment:




He aint going nowhere while under contract. Next year? shrug who knows… read the spin and lets wait and see.

I think an experience like this is good for Rossi. The dream is that suddently before the end of this season something clicks and The Doctor becomes the come back kid next season! What a DVD that will make :smiley: If not, well 7 times premier class winner will still be recorded in wikipedia and I dont think Stoner or Jorge will be able to match that at the moment.

quoting self here.
but turns out I was wrong ^^

But you were already wrong when you posted that as he had one podium on the Ducati last year… Same race I believe, in the wet again :smiley:

tru but as everyone knows full well, in those conditions, even Ellison could have got on the podium with the right luck… so its not really a relevant result for the discussion is it…

nice to see him back tho, specially as poor baby has lost his passion… maybe he should go away and find it somewhere else eh