Where To ?

I’m off work till the end of the month and the sun is out, the bike is ready and i cant think of anywhere to go for a quick blast too ( well 2 or 3 hours anyway ) … HELP !!!

Starting Point : East London

Cromer, its a nice run to the northern most tip of east anglia. famous for crabs!

Try Rye sussex,great back roads and a great cafe when you get there,also a a good biker meeting point on the quay side.

I would go south, try and pick up the A246 out of Tonbridge, go down to Rye. Then go across and hit the A272 all the way to Petersfield. Lovely, Lovely roads.

I would go somewhere SOUTH. It would be nice

Rye sounds like a stonking idea ! Not been there in years and it’s a stunning place and of course only 60ish miles away , it sounds like a plan … now to check the weather

Rye and Sussex are beautiful… There are some lovely twisty, winding roads on the coast… Well worth a trip down there…

Im off until the 28th so drop me a line if you want some company…and the bikes run in just nice now so no more lagging behind and detours for me !!!

If around tonbridge try the a227 as well