Where to service my Granpasso (MotoMorini) near London?

Hello - I travelled all way up to London with my Granpasso - do you know any Moto Morini expert near London?

I am not too fancy the official dealer network (if there is still one) nor any other franchising since I have only been ripped off with the excuse of the spare parts!!

I would rather take it to a craftsman workshop, a skilled hand to look after my baby and talk about italian bikes. Do you know any?

Tks for your advise - cheers

well i do not know of any in london but i do know of this place in sussex, a dam good excuse for a nice ride out to the countryside. i ve been there:) well not for a bike or repairs though but i do know they have been around for sometime


it’s all I needed!! Tks a lot mate!!

there is a garage in harrow called swallow motors address below they are very good bought my yamaha aerox100 back to life after HGB in ruislip fucked with the engine settings

314 Eastcote Lane, Harrow, HA2 9AH
020 8423 3122

if tom answers let him know kishan with the aerox100 directed you his way