Where to London Bikers sell their Bikes????

I may be thick or summat but I have been looking for anothe bike as a winter project and I’ve come up against a hitch.

Using good old Ebay, Autotrader and MCN I have been trawling the ads but evrything I see seems to be miles away.

Glasgow, Wales, Cumbria, Liverpool, Leeds, Penzance etc etc ( Leicester,Nottingham and Shrewsbury seem to be bike selling hot spots).

Where are London bikers selling their bikes? ( their are 10 million of us for Fs sake) Why are their more sellers in rural Dumfries than London?

Any answers or advice where I should be looking appreciated - thanks :smiley:

London Bikers don’t sell their bikes - we just wait for them to get stolen then get the next one on insewerants :wink:

Seriously though, I both sold and bought mine on eBay and I know of at least one other LB bike on eBay at the moment.

When I was trying to buy, I just set the distance limiter on autotrader and sorted my ebay searches by ‘nearest first’. If it wasn’t within 40 miles, I didn’t see it, so I didn’t worry about it :smiley:

It’s funny but if I sort a list as ‘nearest first’ the list looks like this…

40 miles
75 miles
75 miles
120 miles
140 miles
200 miles
220 miles
220 miles
280 miles
280 miles
280 miles
310 miles
320 miles…


Gumtree ?

Is that any good? haven’t tried it.

I find Gumtree to be messy, the adds are all different, some with pictures some without, lack of information in many of them.

Ebay sorts things by distance to within 10 miles of your postcode. I just checked, it is still 10 miles.

agreed it can be a bit messy but I bought my last bike from there without any agro.

I am having a go at Gumtree, but i sold my bike on Gumtree.

I sold mine on ebay. You can set an unrealistic reserve (such as 10K) to see how it goes and then negotiate with the bidders if you fancy that.

I bought a car on gumtree. I generally find it easier to spot what’s dodgy and what’s not on there.

I should add that the bullet holes, missing iginition barrel and blood in the driver’s seat meant I could negotiate a good discount. :hehe:

On this forum of course :smiley:

I bought my bike on eBay. The good thing about it being an auction is that people are more keen to list all the details with photos of any scrapes etc, because if it doesn’t match the description then you’d just walk away which they don’t want obviously.

i think most londoners dont have the time to sell bikes privately so they just shop them in

i find once you deside what bike you want your 90% of the way there :slight_smile:

I brought my Triumph off London Bikers from a really nice bloke who was very helpful, and sold my Hornet on the KTM forum a couple of years back. Otherwise I’ve brought two bikes from a dealer, one bike off E Bay (NEVER AGAIN - Total and Utter Disaster!!!) and the Hornet and the Bros off a mechanic mate who sometimes comes on this forum.

I’d always buy and sell to people I know, or friends of friends, or via forums first - then maybe dealers and gumtree etc. E bay - no - not after the turkey I got off their before:D