Where to get MOT?

Hi LB forumites;

Anyone know any MOT centres that do bike MOT’s near kingston/richmond area? Googleing is not helping…



Tippets the Honda dealer in Surbiton does MOT but have a poor reputation for failing bikes on trivial things that other MOT stations have passed the same bike without any work being done according to my local Piaggio dealer.

Most recently we used CBS Whitton Ltd in Kneller Road near Twickenham Stadium. They are a friendly family run motorcycle and scooter dealer that by the current family since 1974. They are Kawasaki and Piaggio Dealers. Our experience of the place is that they are knowlegeable and genuinly interested in giving a good service. They made minor fixes to get the bike through an MOT for free when they could have charged nearly £200 for a replacement part.


Now that is exactly the kind of info which i was after.

I thank you Giuliano my good sir. May your tyres never square and your sprocket run forever true.


Southern Cross Motorcycles in Kilburn. Great guys.

Last time i asked Tippetts to do an MOT, they said “yeah, no problem, bring it round in 3 weeks” , not much use to me.

A few years ago I left my 125 there for an MOT, returned to pick it up and discovered they’d charged me something like £9 + VAT for a reflector to go on the number plate, gotta be genuine Honda parts of course. I was furious and haven’t used them since.

You could try Blays in Twickenham, not far from Richmond.

try Honda rider motors in Peckham. Not the nearest but must be the best. If there’s a wait they may (or may not) even bring you a cup of cha.

Blays dont do MOT’s anymore.

Thanks for the info guys


£9 for a reflector?? What was it Gold Plated??

My thoughts exactly Gazza, hence the reason I’ve never used them for any work on my bikes since, although I occasionally use them for small parts if i’m stuck. I think if they had any decency they would have told me to go to the nearest motor parts shop, buy 1 and bring it back for them to stick on if they had none.

If i’d realised i needed a reflector to pass the MOT, i’m sure i could have bought a stick on 1 for about 50p in Halfords.

Apparently not gold plated, just a genuine Honda part. And that was 9 or 10 quid +VAT, so it was acutally 12 quid or something like that.

The last bike I got MOT’d was done by Bill Bunn motorcycles in South Ealing. They’re a family run business that’s been on the go for donkeys years.

Bill Bunn Motorcycles
194 South Ealing Road,
W5 4RJ
Tel: 0208 560 6396