Where to get a motorcycle licence plate?

What do you need for a new standard size one with a GB plate on it?

Anyone know anywhere that makes them the same time?

Halfords I think? you’ll need your V5

Infinty clapham

ebay…any size, any design and no v5 required. about a tenner.

demonplates if you want cool designs

Chiswick Honda will manufacture you a plate, even better than just that it’ll have Chiswick Honda written on it so you can be like me. I believe you will need the to get it done V5. Although if you buy a bike from them they’ll give you a V5 and a new plate, they usually give you a free coffee from the Honda Cafe too. What a deal.

and an illegal plate

I’ve been seeing more illegal plates recently than ever before, the plod must be too busy with the Olympics…


The internet seems to offer it without V5 (regulation size ones too).

They are much cheaper as well - with next day delivery.

oh certainly. right size but not STRICTLY legal. there’s a whole bunch of laws about it including having the postcode of the place that printed it on the bottom of the plate.

if a copper wants to find an excuse to book you for something, that’s good enough.