Where to find your other half nowadays?

A bit of a weird (and personal) topic but seeing how this is a general chat, why the hell not.

First off, this is not a whining/crying/asking-for-compassion thread. It’s more of a poll of opinions to see what people think (and hopefully suggest). I’m sure most of the people on here either have girlfriends/boyfriends, are happily married or are about to become such but that only makes them more competent in answering the question so please don’t be shy!

I’ve been single for quite a while now (for far too long would probably be a better definition). I’ve tried, as it feels, everything - I’ve been on dating websites, tried going out with friends and/or was hoping to find someone at a workplace but I’m yet to succeed.

Dating websites are pointless, mainly because I’m not the type of guy that women look at and go “Ohh, he’s hot”. I’m an ordinary person, no better, no worse. As it’s all based on the very first impression on these types of websites I’ve probably been overlooked in the favour of more “outstanding” specimen that know how to present themselves in a certain way. Doesn’t matter what I wrote in my profile I never even got a single reply from anyone I wrote to (or anyone else for that matter). Trust me, I wasn’t sending pictures of my dong to the girls or writing anything pervy, exactly the opposite. Maybe I should be rude and disrespectful to women? I hope not.

Going out with friends didn’t yield any results either. Firstly, I don’t have too many of them and secondly, if it was a night out we usually ended up in a pub with us all standing around, having a banter. As you all know, in those situations you don’t really go around hitting on girls at other tables. I am also not a fan of clubbing as I don’t think you can find yourself a partner for life in places where people go to get drunk.

Lastly, workplaces… Same thing really. Even though I’m contracting and tend to work for 2, 3 or 4 companies a year, I’ve not managed to find the one at any of them. Not sure why. Probably partially because it’s not really about finding your soulmate when you’re at a place where you’re being paid to do work and, secondly, I guess I just haven’t met anyone that I’d fall in love from the first sight.

I guess, being introvert and relatively shy doesn’t help the situation either, does it. It sometimes feels like everyone else finds it so easy to date and get married, yet whenever I try doing the same nothing works.

What do you see as a “solution”? Where do people find their other halves in this modern day and age where people chat more than talk? Any good websites to try?
I’m pretty sure there are loads of single girls/women just like me, searching for someone else (maybe even here! :Whistling:). I’m just not sure what else to try.

I went to a wife swapping party and got mine for a broken toaster
I still think I got the bad part of the deal

LOL a lot!!

cypher, don’t take this the wrong way, its meant to be supportive, but GIVE UP!

stop trying and be yourself, never found actively chasing to be that successful, and met the best ones when I wasn’t trying, wasn’t looking, was just being myself, no pressure on me or them. but you have to put yourself in situations where you might get the chance to chat to them, so get a new hobby, join a club or 2, something social, and chill out.

I agree dating websites are a waste of time, I got bored after two months, but it works for some people, I think you have to be on there for a long time (at least 6 months) if you can have the patience. KTM D’s approach rings true, just concentrate on making your life happy, keep an open heart and do stuff, get out of the house. How about you take up a hobby where you will find a lot of women like an Art class, cooking class?
Good luck:)

Get yourself a blow up doll never says no never answers back when when It gets a puncture it will go down on you

Oh no, don’t get me wrong, I’m not stressing myself out over the “issue”, not at all. Quite contrary, I’m relaxed and satisfied with the way life is at the moment. I make enough money to buy everything I want, I can do what I like and when I like so I don’t even dare complain about any of that. It’s just that it all feels slightly pointless if there’s no one to share my achievements and failures with. My whole life I was focusing on progressing, learning, earning more so that I could support someone else and now that I’ve got to the point there’s no one :smiley:

Speaking about being myself - I never really pretended on those websites, which I think might be one of the problems as I’m not the loudest and the most outgoing person in the world (no wonder I’m a programmer). Then again, I don’t see the point of pretending to be something I’m not as it would become obvious quite quickly the first time I meet someone face to face. The idea about doing something unconventional (for me), like cooking or art is interesting. Gotta think about that more. Thanks for the tip! :slight_smile:

@Wyse: I think blow up dolls are great. I mean, where else are you going to find a woman that always looks shocked to see the size of your bellend?

go on your bike and spot a lovely lady on the bike and invite her for a drink… hot choc!
good luck hon x

don’t feel qualified to help here, college was my down fall 34ish years ago, been married for just over 30 of them. :w00t:

Come on a few Jetstream rideouts, didn`t work for Joby but has done it for some.:smiley:

Some years ago I found Mrs J on a website but she`s taken now.:ermm:

Get a decent photo of yourself to send to the LB ladies who will PM you after this thread;)

Believe it or not, but im not single at the moment because of that trick :smiley:
Im shy aswell but somehow pulled it together, so its all about see the one you like anywhere and do something like that vid!!

Invitation accepted! Been wanting to come along a few times so I’m in on the next one!

Lol, I shall try that after a few drinks :smiley:

Or pick one that you like.
Tell her that she has to close her eyes, then quickly stick on a ring with superglue inside on the finger and youre married :smiley:

Have you considered buying a Honda?

Has to get the girl first, to buy her a Honda!:hehe:

Penis extension? I am told all ladies love big c**k. That can be your opening line. I mighten be anything to look at, but I have a 10 inch langer… Your’re on to a winning formula with this advice.

He wants a lady. Not a man :smiley:

Feel your pain. Online does work but it’s an art. I’m on okcupid, which appears to have the right type for me over pof, eharm, match, etc, which didn’t work.

  1. You will send messages before receiving any. Find a theme off their page and pick two optons. Nothing that requires any brain power. Like “tea or coffee?” “spiderman or batman?” “crumpets or scones”. Not music. Not politics. Not activities.

  2. Picture needs quality. You can be Brad Pitt but a flat cameraphone photo won’t work. A lovely depth of field picture of a potato would do better.

  3. Keep profile short. One liners for sections, one paragraph at most, two in only one section. More and you’re rambling.

  4. They’re not interested in you, they’re shopping for a man so… 5.

  5. Indirectly sell what they can boast to their girlfriends about. Everyone goes to dinner, watches films, etc. Be the option that takes them climbing (with a picture) or off in the countryside on your motorbike (with picture). If you can nail being more interesting than her friends’ boyfriends you’ll get a conversation. Give her something to talk about.

  6. Read 3 again.

After the Prom stunt I expected you to be dripping in totty! :wink:

Well quite often showing the vid works imeadiatley :wink: