Where to do a spot of shopping

Firstly let me say how much I hate shopping for anything whether it be food, clothes or basically anything which envolves trudging round overly priced shops whilst some spotty teenager asks can I help you sir??? :crazy:

Basically its the misses birthday in a week or so and I always shiiit out! Wheres a good area of london to do some much dreaded shopping? I dont know as I never shop and dont know london at all.

And before you say it no she doesnt want a new slip on can or power comander and dyno sesh although It has crossed my mind :stuck_out_tongue: “Here you are babe your new Race exhaust… I’ll go fit it to “Our” bike shall i :D”

actually the race can would be spot on…

but then everyones different

You’ve got Brent cross down the road from you??

Or, if you want to look like you REALLY love her - you could find something really quirky at Portabello road market (antiques, trinkets etc)

Either way, its a good excuse to get out on the bike… AND she cant moan when you explain its for her!!! :smiley:

I like your line of thinking :smiley:

venture a little further out to Bluewater and you can do it ALL while air conditioned and without worrying about your bike.

You can even check out the new track i mean road :wink: around Ebbsfleet Eurostar station on the way back

Camden market, theres a lot more than rock/goth clothing …lots of hand-made craft-type stuff , retro/60s/70s , ethnic. etc; and its actually not like shopping at all…Hate shopping, love camden.

LOL I like the way all the men pretend to know where to buy ladeez stuff :PI have no idea :smiley:

buy something online (flowers, music, film) and book a nice place for dinner


Hamstead if you wanna get laid

Hitchin if you wanna have a nice ride

Bishops Stortford if youre into swinging

Richmond if you like your deer red

Chester if you like your shopping on two levels

Grasmere if she likes Gingerbread

Kendal if she likes mint cake

Chipping Sodbury if she likes …

lol. subtle.

Shopping for women is never subtle, other adjectives come to mind such as expensive, romantic, frustrating, aromatic, tiring, titilating, draining, rewarding, langorous, soporific, tranquil, bibilous, erotic, nebulous, pneumatic, dynamic, fulfilling, decorative and boring!!!

Buy something off the internet, get it delivered to your office, then say “honey, I’m off out to get your birthday pressie, but I’ve got to go to cardiff, or bath” or somewhere 200 miles away, ensure the weather forcast is good and get out on the bike for 200 miles and enjoy yourself, while she thinks you are slaving away buying her a pressie! :smiley: