Where to buy or make this?


looks simple to make… ?


That has IKEA written all over it


Please advise why you feel the need to make and not buy one.

Easy if you have a welder and a bar bending jig.


they seem very expensive for what they are… and no its not ikea :stuck_out_tongue:


link to the sale item so I can assess it properly?




the shelves in the link are not cherry wood
they look like mango wood or whatever stupid name they are given to pallet timber now days


That’s simple enough to do but you need a welder. and you need to learn to weld.


If I’m following the same link as you they are selling for around £70 and you think that’s expensive?

I do cabinetry work etc on weekends. The going labour rate for this is £300 a day. (Note I don’t make £300 you need to factor in time spent designing, quoting etc for jobs you don’t get, tool maintenance, replacement, cost). On this basis, I’d need to knock that out in two hours, from design to finished build and that’s not accounting for material cost, shipping, risk of messing up etc.

If you think it’s expensive, great don’t buy it. Make it yourself and post it here but it’s cheap, very cheap.