Where to buy charged batteries

Anywhere with a good stock of new charged Yuasa or better, batteries?

Preferably somewhere accessible in London where I can park a car without getting fined :slight_smile:


I got mine off ebay delivered next day practically?

Doubt the eBay one was charged.

http://www.cpcbatteryservices.co.uk will charge a battery for you to collect. Don’t know about parking as they have moved since I last used them.

EBay and all gel batteries arrive charged. Acid batteries arrive dry, add the container of acid supplied, leave it to fizz for a couple of hours and it’s ready to use.


Get yourself a battery charger too, cheap as chips and you know you want one. If you don’t have 240v where you keep your bike take the battery and charger to the 240v, all bases covered :wink:

yeah, all mine have come from ebay fully charged too.

Halfords, most batteries have some charge in.

www.mdsbattery.co.uk are worth trying, bought all of mine off them in the past with free delivery pretty much turning up the next day on all.

Hein Gericke, got Gel batteries, plus you can get a charger wroth £50 for just £9.99 if you buy a the battery:D

What he said… charged and ready to use battery for my KTM (gel)